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    does the fuel comsumption get better?

    2009 TDI mileage unchanged I've had my 2009 Jetta sedan (6 sp std) just under 2 years, and I'm going in tomorrow for my 50K mile service. I track my gallons, miles, and MPG (hand calculated) on EVERY drop that I've ever put in my car. My average mileage for my 1st 10 tanks was 39.6 mpg, and my...
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    2009 Jetta TDI fuel economy

    Safe from exploding tires is one thing, but safe in terms of road-holding is quite a different story. Increasing tire pressure decreases rolling resistance by keeping less rubber in contact with the road. That leads to increased braking distance and more liklihood to slip on hard accelleration...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    What was the measured viscosity?
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    2009 Jetta OA @ 20K Just got back my 20K oil analysis from Blackstone. I think everything is looking ok, but if you've got thoughts..... Note that up to the 1st OA at 4K, I was running B99 (definitely not recommended), but I've been running ULSD since then. Oil is from VW...
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    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Can someone tell me how to search the UOA database to pull all of the 2009 TDI data? Thanks
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    10K OA came back OK. Recall that up to about 4K I ran B100 and had some level of fuel dilution. 4K - 10K I ran ULSD. Was planning on running B50 up to about 15K, but went overseas after just 1 tank and had to postpone the experiment. Funny thing happened while I was in Malaysia. I got new...
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    May 2009 MPG thread

    Driver: rodneyh1 Miles: 2677 Gallons: 66.9 Model year: 2009 Model: Jetta Tranny: 6M Fuel type: ULSD
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    Have to put my switch to B50 on hold for a bit. I've been overseas, and won't be back long term for another few weeks. Just don't trust the B50 enough to have my wife run it while I'm away. Still committed to finding an acceptable high % BD blend that is acceptable. Oil analysis from 6K on...
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    DieselGreen Fuels tests B100 in 2009 Jetta TDI

    The research I have seen shows no difference in wear between BD and ULSD for the same level of dilution. Here's one paper that mentions this. Essentially, the wear is a function of viscosity, and viscosity...
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    Finally passed the 10K mark. I'm getting my oil changed today at the dealer, and I'll pull my sample for Blackstone at that time. Next stop after that is to fill up with B50*. I'll continue to run B50 for 10K if possible. The actual length that I run will be determined by the oil analysis that...
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    Gassers may put out as much (or more) PM as diesels

    I think you mean lognormal distribution. Found some data from Kittleson (pg 22) that has VW TDI with diesel and biodiesel. Both distributions are lognormal I believe.
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    On the EPA site, they have a section for people to put in their actual mileage. Thus far, 40 people have put in data for the '09 tdi, and the average fuel economy is 39.8 mpg. For the '06, the average fuel economy is 42.0 mpg, with a much bigger sample. If the "break-in myth" is true, we should...
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    Thought I'd put up another mileage update. I currently have about 8,500 miles and I'm using all ULSD for now. As mentioned previously, I'll run this thru 10K and switch back to B??. 09/02/08 657 miles 17.0 gal* 38.6 mpg ULSD 09/16/08 510 miles 14.8 gal* 34.5 mpg B99 09/22/08 442 miles 12.2...
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    DPF regeneration random speculations

    NoSmoKing, I'll be blunt. Up until just a few days a go, this thread was one of the best on the site. You are single-handedly destroying that. Several members have asked you to end the speculation, but it continues in every post. 153 is typical. You start out with "Here is part of what we know...
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    B100 in Rod's 2009 Jetta

    I pulled the 24 oz on 10/23. I sent a sample to Blackstone that same day, and they completed their analysis on 11/3 (link provided in previous post). The remaining oil was in a sealed mason jar in my basement. I sent a sample from the jar to Polaris on around 12/1. They completed their 1st...