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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    Good info! Thank you. Don’t plan to use clutch switch. Should the ECU input be left open or 12v?
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    Plugging away at this again. Getting a code for implosible (sp?) signal for the brakes and a blinking glow plug light. When doing my wiring, I wired a relay to toggle a ground between the 2 brake inputs on the ECU when the brakes are applied. Doing a little research indicates a burnt out brake...
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    I made them, pretty basic. I figured when I eventually get this running I will make up some hydraulic mounts if the vibes are too much
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    Mtdi to Etdi?

    My build is using an AHU engine with ALH electrics. It’s not running yet but I expect it to run great
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    best model toyota to swap

    Being in New Mexico, I would recommend a 2wd Tacoma/pre Tacoma if you don’t plan to Offroad. I know most would say 4wd, 2wd are kinda ugly, if you are looking for economy and some performance. There is some pretty good weight savings and those 26” vs 32”+ tires save a ton in rotational mass. I’m...
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    Suzuki Samurai ALH swap

    Couldn’t you just ground one of the wires? I’d use the host temp sensor anyways because you know it’s compatible with the indicator
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    Proper VNT 17 adjustment? (*NOT* a +/- vnt adj qstn)

    This procedure also apply to the GTB 1756?
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    1999 ALH accelerator pedal help

    I’m installing an AHU in a Toyota pickup using a ‘99 ALH harness/ECU. The only wiring I have left really is the accelerator pedal. I just realized the pedal I have is a part number for a gas Audi. What is the correct part number pedal I need? Also, the connector was cut off and I found a...
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    'Key in ignition' buzzer wiring

    I got this figured out, I'm definitely adding this distinctive VW chime to my Toyota swap ;)
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    It’s a decent Carter pump, I just don’t want to relocate the filter to under the bed
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    Tinkering with this project again. I’m going to use an external lift pump, can I leave the fuel filter under the hood or would it be better to install it between the pump and fuel tank? Should I cool the fuel returning to the tank? There is plenty of room for a cooler.
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    ALH into 1992 2wd Toyota dually

    Looking good! My glacial build started about a month before yours but I haven’t given up either, hoping to get it out of storage and into the garage at the new house. I’m roughly at the same point as yours. In the meantime I finished my harness with only 3-4 wires to hook up into the Toyota...
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    ALH 1949 willys cj3a
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    Post pics as you go, I need the motivation. I remember a papasmurf from my Samurai days on a couple of Offroad forums.
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    '86 2WD Toyota, 1.6TD to AHU

    It’s been at a standstill in my parents garage. Just bought a house and am hoping to get it in my garage to finish it up once it warms up a bit. Congrats on the cheap find, when you getting started?