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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Had to install a new OEM front license plate bracket over the weekend - lost the one I had some time during my long run home from work through the remnants of Ida. Had to be then - had it come off under normal driving speeds, I'd have heard it clattering through under the car. That night was...
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    Samurai AHU Swap = Complete

    Very nice job. Thanks for sharing.
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    Blew out dipstick

    Maybe, but I've run without an engine cover for over 10 years, and I'm still on my original dipstick tube. That said, a new tube is cheap.
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    It's not something I have, it's just an idea I had while reading your post. The automatic climate systems on higher-end cars must have something along these lines, as they tend to have a lot more fan speeds than our simple 4, though I will concede the resistor pack is far cheaper/simpler/more...
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    If you're looking ways to "improve" the AC, what about a PWM circuit and variable potentiometer to replace the fan resistor pack and discrete speed switch? Then you'd get finer control over your blower to play with...
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    The MKIV cars have a little button in the top of the filler neck (about the 9 o'clock position if you're looking into the thing) that actuates a vent to let air into/out of the tank. This is normally depressed (vent open) when the cap is on so the engine doesn't pull a vacuum on it while...
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    NMS Passat HVAC blower fan recommendation?

    I'm pretty sure will have a fan, their site asks for year/make/model so that should get you to the right part. If resistor is relatively inexpensive (idparts should have that too), might be worth just replacing that too.
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    That's why I suggested he contact Evolution to see about maybe just buying a full "installation brackets and hardware" set if cutting it free doesn't work out (I too was unsure of the access he would have to it), especially since the mounts are a bit different now for the Atlas plate...
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    Andy, I think you're misunderstanding what he's dealing with: This is an old Evolution design (my Atlas plate is vintage 2006, and has the same mounts). The tube has a threaded stud at one end, and a threaded insert at the other. You put one nutsert into the frame of the car, and then screw...
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    If you ever manage to get the things, out, make sure you coat the studs with antisieze before putting them into the rivnuts on the "new" car you're transferring the plate into. This may be part of the reason why they went to steel front brackets instead of the aluminum bar with the stud at the...
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    2001 jetta 1.8t 4 door possible short.

    It might be worth charging the battery up, unplugging the radio, and letting it sit a couple days to see what happens. Any idea whether the car had the Monsoon radio originally? if so, there's an amplifier in the cargo area (not exactly sure where, I have a Jetta sedan that puts that in a...
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    Story about Biodiesel in Wired

    I saw something in the news a month or so back about someone stealing waste oil from behind some restaurant. I can't remember any more whether one of the people they interviewed said the restaurant had a contract with someone to take the stuff for making biodiesel, or that they thought the...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I've had my TDI about 19.5 years, and I've not had really any conversations other than the one I posted years ago in this very thread. I've always chalked it up to being a "coincidence of region"...
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    Need info on this horrible noise!!

    I take it "OAD" stands for "One-way Alternator Drive"? Don't think I've seen that acronym before...
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    Removing skidplate mounting hardware?

    Evolution's mounts have changed over the years - I bought my Atlas back in 2006, and the two front mounts look like what I think I see in your picture. The "blue bracket" must be a later/evolved/updated version. I'm guessing this plate's around the same age as mine then. If yours is just...