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    FS: Ross-Tech KII-USB

    Asking $150 o.b.o. Please PM me if interested. (picture:
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    FS: 2002 Jetta Wagon TDI, 240k mi - $2200

    Details here: Also have a Ross-Tech KII-USB cable, which I can sell separately. Would like to get $175 for it. PM me if interested.
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    WTB: A4 Belly Pan and Side Skirts

    Please PM me if you have these, and what you want for them. I need both the left and right side skirts. Only interested if they are in perfect condition. Don't care about scratches, obviously, but the overall integrity and that of their mounting holes!!
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    Clutch quit on me

    Hi folks, I was driving through stop and go traffic and all of a sudden the shifter did not want to go into gear anymore. Almost as if pressing on the clutch didn't do a thing. The only way I can get it into gear is with the engine off. In fact, this is how I managed to roll the car out of...
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    Hydrolocked. What now?

    Bad storm tonight. I was driving into the grocery store and their main driveway suddenly sunk into about 2 feet of water. I was doing about 30 mph in 2nd gear and engine stumbled and stalled. Pushed the car out of the puddle in neutral, tried to start and it would not turn over. Luckily, I was...
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    WTB Rear Wiper Mottor Assembly for MK4 Wagon

    Title says it all! If anyone is parting out a wagon or golf I can use the rear wiper motor. In working condition, of course!
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    B4 Thermostat replacement - What the h&ll??

    B4 Thermostat replacement So, I tried to follow this thread: and it's all pretty clear. I'm having trouble with the brackets holding the hard PS lines along the front. They seem to be 10-mm bolts (unreachable) against what...
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    Cam sprocket won't budge

    I'm removing the TB in my B4, everything going smooth so far, drove out the cam bolt, loosened the tensioner, cam lock and IP pin are in, but for the life of me cannot get the cam sprocket to move. I've tapped a punch through the little hole probably harder than I should have and nothing. Any...
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    A3/B4 TB Tools in CT?

    Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone near the central/south CT area has TB tools for the B4 that I can borrow (or rent) for a day. I can pick up and drop off. Just need all the locking pins/tools (cam, crank, IP) and the tensioner spanner. Crank spanner would be nice too, though I don't intend...
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    New Wagon - Discovered Aftermarket Head

    Hi folks, I just bought a 2002 Jetta Wagon (details at I got it at a used car lot, and having had a B4 for several years, I inspected it to the best of my ability, scanned codes with VCDS (found none), and found the car to be in near...
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    Should I buy this Wagon?

    Hi Folks, I'm visiting from the A3/B4 forums. Recently I've been looking to upgrade to an A4 wagon, and I just found one nearby that's got my wallet itching. I was hoping you guys could help me determine whether or not to go for this one! It's a 2002 Jetta TDI Wagon, 5speed, 130,000 miles...
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    WANTED: 2002 or 2003 TDI Jetta Wagon

    I am ready to buy and pickup within a ~500 mi radius of New Haven, CT. Manual transmission only, preferably under 150,000 miles. My price range is not fixed. Please PM me if you have it!!
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    IP Timing with VCDS

    When pulling up the timing graph with VCDS, I'm not sure which of the listed engines correspond to mine! I have a 96 Passat, but none of the options seem fully straightforward. By the way, I might as well use this opportunity to ask how do I know if I have a 1Z or AHU? My ECU is BK, if that...
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    JSW Back Seat

    Hi all, Sorry if this is too simple of a question, but do the rear seats in the JSW ('10, '11) fold down all the way flat? I recently test drove one and the sales guy told me that they do not, but I thought I'd post here and see if there are any simple tricks to make it happen. I may be...
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    Injector removal question

    In the write-up provided in the kerma tdi page it says that the engine must be completely cool before injector removal. They make it a point to write it on caps and say it is very important, but do not specify why. Is it just a matter of safety? I plan on doing this after work and would ideally...