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    Pulled my Motor out, what to do??

    This is bit off topic, but anyone know of a reputable VW TDI mechanic that can do a complete block rebuild including power mods such as ported head?
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    Cool, I think we've got 3-4 people interested in at least the flange part. As far as connecting the flange to the remainder of the inlet pipe, I think the right size reducing silicone elbow would be perfect that can just be cut to whatever is left of the plastic part.
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    Rotomaster turbo for the MKIII

    Yikes, so whats your plan now?
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    98 TDI excessive smoke

    Kind of kicking myself for not doing more thorough research. The guy at Kerma recommended the 1019s for me, but the 764s are probably what I actually wanted in the long run. Oh well. I guess when I do bigger power mods I might get them. The 1019 can flow up to 190hp which I'm pretty sure I'm not...
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    MKIII TDI Reliability

    I'm in the process of getting my Jetta a bit more rough road worthy as I will be moving out a 8min washboard dirt road soon. I think it's possible albeit expensive. Mainly you want a bit of a lift and more robust struts/shocks + better tires.
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    98 TDI Build

    Wow, nice work!
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    MKIII TDI Reliability

    Every time someone tells me to get a work truck, I drop the fact I can get 50mpg hwy and that shuts them up pretty fast. Roof rack and small trailer I think is the way to go with these gas prices, haha.... I've been commuting to a remodel job 30miles from my house every day for nearly three...
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    MKIII TDI Reliability

    My guess is the fog lights wiring. My kit came with something that looks like that.
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    MKIII TDI Reliability

    Second that parts are hard to find in some cases, especially for things that commonly go out (turbo inlet pipe *cough cough*) However, in most cases an aftermarket part can be found or fabricated. The 11mm injection pump from the newer cars fits on the AHU with some modifications so I wouldn't...
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    Turbo inlet pipe need help finding one

    What's wrong with yours? Did your flange just break and come disconnected or do you have a more serious crack? There are some used ones for around 100 bucks if you can link up with someone. You can post in the buying/selling section to see if anyone has one. HOWEVER, i personally decided not to...
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    I meant to ask, any idea what you would charge for just the flange connecting to the turbo? I think a simiple straight metal flange could be connected to a silicone hose with an elbow to go up to the remaining section of the part, depending on how bad the damage was.If I recall there just wasn't...
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    This is the turbo I have:!model%3DJETTA%7C%7Cmake%3DVOLKSWAGEN%7C%7Cyear%3D1998
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    Well, I know you are pretty familar with these cars. If he's going to make a part, we should take the opportunity to make it superior if possible. It may not be desirable to copy the part exactly. The electrical plug is a heater which from what I've heard is basically useless unless you drive...
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    Machined/cast turbo inlet pipe - gauging interest

    Awesome! Do you think it would be sufficient to just machine the flange that bolts to the turbo, or replicate the upper piece with the hose connections as well? What about the ccv hose? Did you keep yours stock or plug it?
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    What's your stereo setup?

    Nice, I will have to try these out. I'm planning a huge overhaul. Going to totally gut the interior of the car, new upholstry, soundproofing everywhere, dual amps, new wiring. I'll probably dig into the dash to fix my blend doors and steering. Repaint the plastic. Metal reinforcing plate (for a...