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    timing belt and serpentine belt age

    Milk may not be the best example. I freeze milk for at times months before use. I bet milk would last 2 years frozen then thawed. Just thought I would be the wrench in this ever so important set of gears here........;)
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    Right Scanner

    I don't know how different a 2014 JSW and a 2015 Jetta are but on my 2014 I reset that through the instrument cluster. Instructions in the owners manual Easy peasy On the cheaper end is OBDeleven app and dongle
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    Is it okay to remove airbox and replace stock filter with K&N Cone Filter?

    I can't believe how you guys are being led around by this troll. 44 replies, my gosh. should have died at 3. Sorry can't help it. I see a snotty nosed youtuber, social media worshiping troll who isn't being told what he wants to hear but sure knows how to keep a thread going for count purposes...
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    Road trip, Missouri to upstate New York and back.

    Look at that nose diving on the last 2 pictures. Watch out ........comin in HOT!!!! ;) Is that a wee bit of daylight showing under the rear tires?
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    800 miles on one tank?

    Thanks oh!
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    800 miles on one tank?

    Sorry to de-rail (kind of) this thread - My Jeep has me in the practice of not adding any more fuel after the initial nozzle shut off. If you add you stand the chance of filling the C canister and going into limp mode. Am I missing a full tank by not adding any more after the initial shut off...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I had my first experience the other day. Was at a Loves station and standing there filling up minding my own business when a gal pulls up on the other side and races out of her vehicle to very vocally tell me I'm putting diesel in my wagon. I thank her and let her know that in fact this wagon...
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    Thanks Bob. I'm here all week
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    No the OP didn't wait 2 hours. OP went out right after arriving at work and did a reset and it seems to have decided to work. 24 hours and no light. OP's not to sure aboot the 2 hour wait but does agree something was amiss as it took OP several attempts at a reset for it to finally take. OP has...
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    How does this sound for a 2014 JSW

    I kind of agree with TABA. A year and a half a go I gave $12,900 for a 2014 JSW with 25,000 miles out of California. I guess you can always dicker and see where you end up.
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Yes I did the reset button several times but it comes back on. I do notice when I reset that it doesn't take the first time pressed. The light will go out only to return a second or so latter. On the second attempt it will go out only to return what is probably...
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    A little help please? 2014 JSW here. Had a flat on the Interstate and ruined the tire. Of course bought new 1 and now I have the "Low Tire" dash light on. Checked air pressure all around and they're all good so I figure the TPMS went bad on that 1 tire that I replaced. A lot of rubber debris...
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    Did my car blow up?

    So is that really the best thing to do with a run away is to put it in 6th and dump the clutch (of course if you have a manual)? Will that action not harm the tranny?
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    Questions about CJAA Malone Stage 2