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    Photos for post
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    Why do You Still Have Your MK4 TDI?

    I don't like car loans and the car never left me stranded.
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    what is considered high mileage for ALH?

    I did the oil pump, chain/guides ,cam and lifters at 400k miles as maintenance. Now at 526K miles. Crazy thing is the car has the original injectors and still gets 46 average MPGs while being driven hard.
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    FS: Many ALH parts

    pm sent
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    WTB Hella right headlight 02 golf

    I need the right side headlight with clear plastic lens and good reflector.
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    Peak Diesel
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    WTB: 15 Center caps

    I bought a new set of 4 on eBay for 22 dollars including shipping. They are cheap but look okay.
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    WTB Rear wiper motor assembly 02 Golf

    The only number I see is on the motor housing. 404.425-N 1J6 955 711C NAHENTSTOERT Op 5027/4927 SW4 SPAIN 5271
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    F.S. 01 Mk4 2dr Reflex Silver ALH Part out 193k miles

    Got the rear calipers from this car. The calipers looked great. Seller excellent to work with.