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    WTB - Seats from RI, Shipping?

    If the seller is not interested in shipping...there are not many options left unless you go to pick them up yourself. Contact Fastenal, I was able to receive some parts from a private seller via them: pallet shipping, affordable.
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    Check out these pics...What is this black stuff...??

    I agree with that. When I have replaced mine, I was not able to find the O-ring for sale by itself.
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    Check out these pics...What is this black stuff...??

    Mine does it too, I don't think it's normal. You can replace the inlet pipe , but I hear the design of the gasket is at fault, it will just be matter of time until it will leak again. I have replaced mine once, and...
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    Engine swap

    Those are two different engine codes, the one for 2009 is CBEA. Among many differences, the 2009 has different emissions and electronics. I think it will be very difficult to do it.
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    Any cheap fix for sagging hood insulation?

    Welding wire. Grab like a 2-3 ft. section, bend it in the middle and insert the ends deep in the hood holes where the ending tabs of the insulation used to go.
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    2006 Jetta Running light Blinker issues

    Perhaps check/clean the grounds?
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    led inner tail lights

    The OEM ones are not coming with LED inner tail lights. There were some after market ones, but I doubt that you an find any. The only option is to get the LED rings and do it yourself (opening the taillights and installing the LED rings). I have a set of LED rings with the wiring harness, I was...
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    FS: 2006 VW Jetta TDI 5sp - NoVA - SOLD

    That's a nice car, mine is similar. I'm sure that you have spent countless hours performing the upgrades and maintenance . Good luck with your sale.
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    Steering rack programming after replacement

    I think the steering rack was the same for every type of motorization for MKVI Jetta, Golf or Sportwagen (of course different revisions, but definitely interchangeable). We are talking about the 3rd generation of electric steering racks. At this point all you can do is follow the steps I have...
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    Steering rack programming after replacement

    Lift the car up and check the main electrical connection to the steering rack, it might come undone during the installation if it's not properly installed. You can check by squeezing your hand between the sub frame the body of the car. While you're there push hard on the connector to make sure...
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    Max Horsepower From BRM

    That is also 100% true. I had my Jetta with stock parts and just a Malone 1.5 tune for a while and I enjoyed the ride just fine.
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    Max Horsepower From BRM

    You will need a 3 BAR MAP sensor for 200 HP or a 4 BAR one for 220 HP (if you buy the turbo from Darkside they will include the sensor with it). The cooling system will handle the upgraded setup OK, same for the intercooler and the OEM intake. The BRM engine is known for camshaft wear. I...
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    Advice on recent TDI purchase. 06 Jetta

    That's exactly what I have also noticed, that it's not properly tensioned.
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    Max Horsepower From BRM

    It's possible to get a reasonable 200-220 HP out of the BRM engine with the following modifications: Bolt on turbo from Darkside Developments, no modifications required...
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    Body Kit Questions

    Your car will probably look like Frankenstein. As far as I know at least the MK7 is a totally different platform. If I am looking at the right link, the complete kit is almost $4k. Instead of looks for the car I would use that money to buy an ECU tune (Malone for example), perhaps a more...