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    Steering Defective - Help

    Good work there. We will deal with the steering wheel issue on my uncle's incoming 2014 Q5 TDI project. The previous owner mentioned his dealer recommended the steering rack replacement. It's neat overall with new brake pads and tires from 4Wheelonline installed last month.
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    Big Red; My 2007 Chevy Classic 2500HD LBZ + Allison 1000

    Kids grow fast so you'll need the extra space.
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    Big Red; My 2007 Chevy Classic 2500HD LBZ + Allison 1000

    That sounds like a fun new family ride!
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    Help me with trans improvements

    Yeah, that's on the top of the list.
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    Help me with trans improvements

    We may deal with the trans on my friend's incoming 2003 Jetta TDI project. 4th and 5th gear shifts hard intermittently. My friend is considering GD short shifter. Got to finish mounting the headache rack, bed cover, and truck parts on the Silverado this weekend before we can take a closer look...
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    My ALH New Beetle 5 Speed

    Old thread but I admire your ride. What mods were done since then?
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    M109a4, 6x6 turned camper, 1998.

    That's one interesting rig!
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    2013 Golf TDI - DSG

    How much were you able to sell it?
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    That sounds like a good combination! We'll work on my friend's new A6 one we installed the suspension and jeep wheels on the Wrangler this week. He doesn't want to lower it either.
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    Roof Rack Delete How To with Pics

    It seems the last post of the OP was a very long time ago.
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    I’m back, baby

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Unable to open hood latch

    Definitely, a better route to get a new one.
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    My 2003 Jetta

    Howdy! Hope to hear some updates about your Jetta.