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    My 2011 Jetta Sportwagen

    This is pretty much what I have planned. 17x8 +43 for the RPF1s I'm looking at. Suspension I was doing Bilstein Touring shocks and H&R Sport Springs. Love the look.
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    Anybody Track their car?

    Ive had my mk4 NB on that track, its a lot of fun! Lots of good quick turns and its short, if you wanna stretch the legs a bit more try Raod America.
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    TDI 2.5", 3" stainless turbo back exhaust, 1.8T downpipes, 17/22 turbos, egr blockoff

    Great works of art! Once ordered I had it within the week. Glad I went with the 2.5 turbo back, the sound is awesome. Pics to come.
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    Road America Touring Session

    Thanks, they are a flashback to 2 years ago. It's nuts to see how far I've come. And if there is a track somewhere they probably do touring.
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    Road America Touring Session

    I'm headed up to the track today for another touring session
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    Hey guys, we made it home safe and sound. We drove all the way thru getting home at 630am. The car is completely different to drive(in a good way) it's smoother, pulls harder and is even quieter.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    IT LIVES!!!!!! I can't thank enough everyone that it getting my TDI back on the road I really can't. This truly is an amazing group of people.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    Thanks everyone! We are going to dig into it tomorrow. Aaron is bring a complete head with him from Oregon. Everyone has tools, best place for a TDI to break down. A positive is that it will be a great learning experience.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    Ok, stoppe by Midas, have keys in hand now.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    Jon is gonna be on his way up with a dolly to pick us up. I appreciate all the help from everyone. Ill keep updates posted.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    Ok I'm gonna call my dad in the morning. When is good time to let you know? I'm a long way from Chicago so I don't know if I many options anyway. I just had the head rebuilt in April lol ugh. At least if its at the fest there everyone there that knows what to do or not to in this case.
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    Help emergency!!! TB broke

    As the title say my TB broke and the tensioner loosened up. I'm being towed to the Midas in Rutland, VT the address is 207 US-4 Rutland, VT 05701 If anyone is on there way to the fest and can help me I'd be extremely greatful. I'm pretty sure a Midas won't have the ALH tools. My cell is...
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    Kwicksilver Wheel Straightening Available at the Fest

    I'm definetly interested in fixing a small bend. What's the down time for refinishing a set?