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    Coolant leak passenger rear of engine need help!

    Just had my water pump replaced because it was leaking (@70k miles). The coolant was making its way on the accessory drive pulley and getting slung everywhere. The repair was covered under CPO. Also had a timing belt kit installed while they were in there.
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    Engine failure at 95k

    If they cannot get you a loaner because of the rental company policies then then will need to give you a courtesy car from their lot. If they give you push back call VWOA, 800-822-8987. Nowhere in the emissions warranty booklet does it give a stipulation on the vehicle owners age dictating if...
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    Side mirror blinker problem

    I had a similar issue on a mk5 Jetta. Ended up being a failed blinker.
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    Frost Heater

    I ordered the kit from idparts. The instructions that come with it are very detailed. Doesn't look too difficult but I'm thinking of having the dealer install it while my car is in to have the heater core replaced.
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    Passenger side mirror

    Do you have the mirror switch in the “R” position?
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    Frost Heater

    Has anyone on the forums installed the HRT19 Frost Heater on their 12-14 Passat? I’d like to get an idea of how it’s installed before I order. There are lots of threads and some YouTube videos for the earlier model TDI’s but I haven’t found anything specifically for the NMS with DSG.
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    Cleveland GSW on 71 South

    Was running with Grey Golf Sport Wagon on 71 S between 90 and 480 on 10/06. Looked to have Rally Armor mud flaps, bronzish wheels, and a roof rack. Good looking car!
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    Sun visor clip

    Thank you everyone for the help/info. Ordered and installed today. Good as new.
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    Sun visor clip

    Awesome! Thank you for the pic. It makes sense now.
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    2012 Passat TDI SE NMS Thread

    I am pretty sure you need memory seat for this to function. On my SEL I had to go through a pretty extensive setup process with ACC on and in reverse. You manually move the mirror into a good viewing position and then set it with the memory button on the driver seat.
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    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    This is the only led drop in’s for the high beams that I have found. They are about as bright as the halogen high beams but match the color temp of the low beam and fog light led’s. I think they were about $25 on Amazon. Low beam, high beam and fogs all on.
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    Review of plug and play LED upgrades: low beam (LasFit H7 G2 Pro) and High Beam (LasFit VW-01)

    I’ve been running the deauto option for a year now and haven’t been flashed once. I’ve also driven another car with my car being driven behind me at night and didn’t have any complaints. The led drop in bulbs have come a long way in the last 5-10 years.
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    Sun visor clip

    So my daughter decided to break the clip that holds the passenger sun visor in place. Anyone replaced this before? I don’t see a screw or obvious way to remove it.
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    H&R Springs

    No experience with them but I have been looking at installing a set at some point. I'd love to see some before and after pictures. Are you going to replace the shocks as well?