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    01 Jetta<2015 A3

    My 01 Jetta TDI blew a valve yesterday at 269000 :( I loved that car but it's not worth a new motor. I've been looking at a 2015 A3 TDI. Anyone have any comments? Also, I can't find anywhere that tells me how much or how often to add Blue.
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    Strange noise/vibration after brake job.

    I did all four brakes yesterday. Not the first time. It's an 01 with 240K. Took it our for a test drive, several miles and everything seemed fine. Brakes nicely, no noise. I took it on the hwy tonight and it rumbled, like I had a flat tire. I pulled over, checked and everything looked good. the...
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    Immobilizer Issue

    My 01 Jetta would not start yesterday 10 minutes after shutting it off! The Immobilizer light was flashing. I checked a couple of things and then took the key, flipped it over, opposite of the way I normally insert it, and it started and ran. When I got home, it started fine with my spare key...
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    I hate to say it but I need a new one!

    My beloved 2002 Jetta got eaten alive last weekend. A 2007 Jetta GASSER went sideways into a Dump Truck on I-270 at 60mph and pushed said truck into me! :eek: It tore the entire right side of my car off and the left side off of hers! This is an incredible testament to the quality of these cars...
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    AC Stopped Working

    02 Jetta, AC was blowing nice and cold in the morning. When I went out a few hours later NOTHING BUT HOT AIR!!! Fuses are good. Ambient temp switch is good. I have the Bently manual and it isn't much help. I also have a VAG COM but when I try to check the AC system it can't find the controller...
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    FS: 04 Passat TDI Wagon

    FS: 04 Passat TDI Wagon $23,000 2004 Passat TDI Wagon, 60,000, TripTronic Automatic Trans. ESP, GLS package- Leather Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Sunroof, Monsoon Sound System. Color is "Stonehenge Grey", interior is Tan. 28 city/ 45 hwy. I've bee using ELF 506.1 for all oil changes and added...
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    Cabin Air won't Recirculate

    When I push the recirculate button, the light comes on but the vents don't switch to recirculate. I found a good thread for the A3 but can't figure out how to fix it on my 02 Jetta. I don't know if this is related to the recirculation, but they passenger side upper vent has almost no flow. I had...
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    Eos in DC

    Ok, so it wasn't a TDI, BUT, it was and very nice looking VW. I'm suprized VW isn't promoting the heck out of this car it was sweet!:)
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    Very cool Audi R10 article

    Audi TDI at LeMans Saturday Don't forget boys and girls that the 24 Hours of LeMans starts Saturday, June 17th and Audi has entered a TDI. The First time a Diesel has ever been entered in a major racing event.:cool:
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    New Proccessing Plant In Maryland This is Great news for us here in "The Land of Pleasant Living".:D There is also a crushing plant/ Biodiesel processing facillity going up in Fredrick and another near Baltimore.
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    Water on floor

    HELP!! The passengers side front floor is full of water!! I checked the sunroof drain and its clear. The glove box is dry. Can anyone help me figure out where this water is coming from. I have been running the A/C with the defroster so it could be the condencent drain but I don't know where it's...
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    Pela 6000

    I just wanted to make 2 quick comments on the Pela suction pump. When I read about it these forums, I thought it was the greatest thing since the TDI. I used it for the first time last weekend, (NOT on my TDI, but on my wifes Camry), and learned some valuble lessons. First ALL dip-stick tubes...