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    Boostgauge a vendre

    Voir lien sur Kijiji:
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    2014 Q5 TDI TCM/TCU location?

    In the Touareg it is under passenger seat. You need to lift carpet to find it. Assume Q5 is similar but not sure.
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    Q7 front suspension clunking and interior exhaust fumes concern

    Ever since the "fix" I have the same exhaust smell but only when during cold weather and on start up / warm up. Once warmed up it goes away. And is non existent during summer months.
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    P229F and Horrid MPG

    Call VWOA or change dealers.
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    Key Fob Removal Difficulty

    Try lightly lubricating the ignition switch maybe?
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    Info utile pour ALH qui pisse de l'huile du valve cover

    Bien fait! Et pour $10 bon prix!
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    Q7 rotors and brakes question

    I am pretty sure it is required to unlock the e-brake.
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    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Look further down the line under the car for the sensor. I am pretty sure you will need a delete tune if you remove anything upstream from that sensor. I removed my mufflers, no noticeable difference in power and very little sound increase. I am tuned to ~300hp and 527ft-lbs. There are little...
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    Sold- 2016 A6 Prestige - Ownership Log

    Are you sure it is not hooked up? There is another sensor further down the line (post Ad Blue injection) that may be impacted.
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    2014 Q5 TDI Transmission Fluid/Filter

    How many KMS are you at A1sailor?
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    First Oil Change, cold weather

    125 watts is very low. I think you would need to run it at least 6 hours or constant if extreme cold.
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    Winter Tires for GTA Q5

    Will 17" even clear the brakes? Seems rather small I think. But then again I run stock 20" winter and 21" Q7 wheels summer on my Touareg.
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    Heater control Valve

    Common problem, search on Club Touareg you should find install info.
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    Q5 maintenance and upgrades

    Was more curious if you were going to lower it and go up a wheel size to 20 or 21" My Touareg is lowered 1.5" and running on 21" 295/35/21 tires off Audi Q7. On my A6 I simply removed the mufflers. Very little difference in sound, will do the same on Touareg soon. You may want to save $$ on the...
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    Q5 maintenance and upgrades

    Stock springs and shocks? What size wheels are you running? You may want to consider upgrading suspension and wheels/tires if seeking better handling. Then tune it if you want performance.