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    9th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2016 - January 16 (aka WINTERFEST)

    No insult or reason to pause was intended with the term "crunchy", especially since it should have been somewhat clear it was coming from a fully seasoned local to Ann Arbor vegetarian. :) I was only trying to imply that Corner Brewery was a veggie friendly establishment. I also made the...
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    9th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2016 - January 16 (aka WINTERFEST)

    I can confirm that the Wurst bar does indeed not suck. The tot portions are not exactly small and the veg chili tots are great. watch those peppers :) I also don't like Anise, but the Chick-Fu sandwich is really tasty. Additionally, any burger option can be had with a Chick-Fu patty. I...
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    TÜV NORD Study: Direct Injected Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels

    Something I have pondered every time I see a dirty tailpipe and bumper from a newer GTDI equipped vehicle and compare it my late model TDI. TUV Nord Testing Firm: Direct Injected Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels Engine Technology International March 2014 article SwRI...
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    INA: TDI product offerings -– billet CCV 1.9/2.0/2.5 TDI FLUIDAMPR & more

    Ever put your diesel into 5th gear at 25mph and commanded full load? Usually the 1/2 order excitation frequency is in the range of the the drivetrain's 2nd natural frequency. I'm pretty certain you can feel the torsional vibrations under those circumstances, at the seat-of-your-pants, steering...
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    6th Annual DETROIT AUTO SHOW GTG - NAIAS 2013

    I'm down for the Friday meet-up/dinner and Cobo/Karting/Dinner on Saturday. I'm local, so no hotel needed. It will be my first TDI GTG, and first NAIAS in quite some time. Looking forward to finally meeting up with some TDI members. :)
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    Chevy Cruze Diesel a direct competitor to the Jetta TDI

    I don't think you understand the complete story. Using Toyota as an example, here are a couple quick and rough figures: source: Toyota's 2011 Paid Dividend: $1.26 per share source...
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    Best automatic transmission

    Yeah, it is a confusing game these days, and it is getting even more confusing. I don't know how you guys that have to service this stuff can keep it all straight. Alright, I did a bit of double checking, and it appears that I was quite wrong. I always thought that the Toyota u660 was simply...
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    Best automatic transmission

    So which transmissions have Aisin designed specifically to GM and Ford's requirements, and that don't share a majority of the components with a previously developed Aisin/Toyota transmission? A truly independent Tier 1 or 2 supplier owns their intellectual property, and are allowed to sell...
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    Best automatic transmission

    I see it quite a bit differently. Aisin develops most of their transmission technology solely (exclusively) for Toyota and with thier engineering cooperation. Then they will later adapt a product to sell to other OEMs after Toyota has it on the market first. They simply don't work on many new...
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    Best automatic transmission

    Good post, very informative and you covered almost everyone, but no mention of Honda's transmissions? :D :p I'll agree that Aisin Seiki is the benchmark for most, but to refer to them as an "independent" supplier isn't telling the whole truth. Toyota still owns 30% of Aisin Seiki and accounts...
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    Honda sued in Small Claims Court for Civic Hybrid Mileage

    a disclamer is right on the window sticker in big bold letters: your mileage will vary
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    Just moved to Germany Need help finding a TDi

    I don't doubt that they are the correct, but you just may want to double check that they are the larger diesel battery. (not that the dealer would make a mistake. ;) Multiple cycles of the glow plugs got me through that last cold spell, but there were a couple of times I was worried. I think...
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    Just moved to Germany Need help finding a TDi

    Are the replacement batteries the same or greater capacity than the old ones? At least 72Ah rating? That isn't a bad plan for the summer installing a plug in heaters. My experience is that it usually isn't cold enough here to need such a heater, but I guess better safe than sorry.
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    Just moved to Germany Need help finding a TDi

    Nice looking car, and sounds like a good deal. Good to hear your up to 2 TDIs now. :) Is the car turning over, or just dead? The past few mornings I've had to cycle the glow plugs a few times before it would start. If it started with jumping, it sounds like your best bet might be just to...