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    Where can I buy Passenger side Rear Splash Shield ?

    another option for parts is Do a search and contact a few yards within 500 miles. I've bought sets of rims for $100 shipped and recently got a lower timing belt cover for $40. Dealer wanted $700.
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    Dorman parts quality

    What about ATP transmission filters and gaskets? Good company?
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    B4 won't rev over 1200 with brake applied

    There is a reason to do it for ice racing, left foot braking balances the car. Handy for rallycross and autocross too because you can keep the motor wound up. Has nothing to do with normal road driving however. ECU tunes on GTIs, Golf Rs and stuff like that you can remove the left foot braking...
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    09G Fluid Change Kit

    Ended up buying Idemitsu TLS from NAPA. (thanks oilhammer for explaining things). Getting other bits from Rock Auto. Much cheaper way to go. I have a 10mm x 1 fill adapter from a previous transmission fluid change.
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    Key Won't Go In Ignition Switch

    Deja vu all over again, my 07 Jetta with 218k on it did the "you ain't sticking that thing in me" act tonight. I used the uhale method noted above and pushed the little door toward the driver where it seems to have stayed. Even thought the little door is stuck open, the tumblers seem ok and...
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    Can I use the plug in upper radiator hose for a gauge?

    My 02 two liter Beetle has two ports on the hose. One has a four prong coolant temp sensor, the other has a plug. Can I put a second OE sensor, 059919501A into the port and attach it to an old school VDO temp gauge? I know I would have to power and ground the gauge. I also understand the...
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    09G Fluid Change Kit

    Another question, are G 055 540 A2 and G 052 990 A2 fluids interchangeable? What is the difference between the fluids? Lots of confusion on this from various vendors. I'm servicing a 2012 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5 with Aisin AT. Also some people sell a filter with an oval hole in one side and others...
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    09G Fluid Change Kit

    This looks like a good kit at a good price for everything you get. Any upside or downside to this fluid and the filter?
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    Zerex g-05 to top off the coolant

    Thread resurrection, is this stuff a good g13 substitute ?
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    Steering wheel off after alignment

    Center steering wheel, measure toe with toe bar, put car up in the air. Make a drawing and stand under the car doing hand signals and it will be clear how much the tie rod ends need to be turned and which direction to get zero toe to 1/16 out and maintain the centered wheel. Once you have done a...
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    Wheel spacers

    Try ECS, they sell top quality stuff.
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    Steering wheel off after alignment

    Vince has the correct answer.
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    07 Jetta Steering Wheel Shake When Braking

    Thanks all, lots of ideas. Will dig into it and report back. I do know I want overalls like the Russian guy, great video.
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    Eye rate this caddy

    Rust and perforation on both B-pillars would make me run away.
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    07 Jetta Steering Wheel Shake When Braking

    Thanks, I had it on a lift and the left side growls when I spin it, not the usual brake rub sound like the right side. Also when driving if I turn right it gets louder and when I turn left goes away. Sounds like a loaded left side causes the noise. Guess I'll replace the bearing and hope it...