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    FS - 2012 Golf TDI 6M w/Sunroof and Nav (WA)

    also sent a pm, but have not heard anything back - OP is MIA I guess?
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    FS: 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI SEL Premium in Salisbury, NC

    I hate to tell you, but at 57k in 9 years, it really is a "garage queen", GLWS
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    fs: 2005 Golf TDI BEW GLS (Fort Collins, CO)

    you need an asking price (per forum rules) and pics would be great
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    DPF Pressure Sensors Melted

    Mine also melted shortly after a TB service that I did. It must not take much movement, as those hard lines were not moved that much. Just enough to get the upper TB cover off, and I typically pry/slide the plastic bracket which holds the hard lines in lace to the upper TB cover away first. I...
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    Mysterious coolant loss

    the oil level will not raise, with a HG issue on an ALH engine, you are not getting coolant in with the oil or vice-versa, ONLY hot exhaust gases into the cooling system.
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    Mysterious coolant loss

    I agree, it sounds like a HG. Typically when the HG leaks it gets the hot compressed exhaust gases by the HG and into the rear coolant passages in the block. The system then is way over- pressurized, you can see/feel hard coolant lines to and from the radiator including the smaller ones to the...
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    Mk7 coolant flush (WHAT A PAIN!)

    Agree with Nuge, I do a lot of TB services and IF the engine still has the VW coolant (or equivalent), very rarely do you see any sediment or contamination, and when doing a TB service you get a good amount of coolant drained and then refilled every 100k-130k (depending on the TDI engine). If...
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    Anyone have a code P2149 come up on their 2015 VW TDI??

    I've had this same issue with the same error code show up - FYI Started at about 155k It's scheduled to go in for warranty work though
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    nice car, can you send me more pics, like to see the interior condition too. Kirk (send to
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    2015 VW Golf Sportwagen SEL - Factory MIB2 Apple Carplay, Lighting Package, Parking Sensors 78K Miles. $17,900 MASS ** PRICE REDUCED **

    Good seller here - I bought a 2010 JSW from him in 2016 - car was just as represented. Kirk
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    West Michigan Fall TDI GTG - Oct. 5th, 2019

    Peter, Yessir, I had hoped to get this fall (2021) back on for a GTG, but my project up north ran much later into the season than what I had expected, (due to materials being delayed), but I am planning on hosting again next fall (2022) - YES! Very sorry to see John leaving, bummer.
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    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    RITSCO, check your private messages, please
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    2012 TDI Premium 94587 miles $9500

    did you sell this?