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    Crazy project: Hybrid retrofit
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    WTB: Misc front & center console trim parts
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    Optiksworks. Reputation as a vendor? Good or bad?

    Ask on the vortex. Lots of info over there on them I think
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    MK4 Warning Buzzer Delete - How?

    Speaking of the washer fluid reservoir..... The one in our cars holds so little fluid that I hear that stupid beep all the time and it makes me jump every time. Anyone know of a source for the larger fluid reservoir? Tmtuning used to sell them but not sure where to get one now.
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    Looking to do an alignment

    I recently did my own alignment on my car and it turned out great! BUT all I had to do was adjust the toe. I believe most alignment shops will only adjust the toe. There is a shop in my town that specializes in alignments and they do set ups for a lot if track cars. See if you can find somebody...
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    Bazooka subwoofer?

    They will probably work fine. I'm not sure where the factory frequency resistor things are but they are probably mounted on the speakers which you'll be removing. You will lose a bit of your imaging clarity but you might not really notice.
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    Bazooka subwoofer?

    You don't want to put 2-way speakers in the door. You need to replace the door speaker with a midrange and a tweeter in the upper by the door handle.
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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Yeah I moved both the front and back of the seat all the way down but that just makes me feel like I'm sliding off a beach ball. It must just be that the cushion is in relatively new shape. I'll have to camp out in my car for a few weeks and bounce up and down to break in the cushion.
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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Okay. Serious, SERIOUS question time! Do power seats sit higher than manual seats? I feel like I'm driving around sitting on a pool raft. Theories: 1. Power seats sit higher to accommodate the motors. 2. My Ass derived seat foam molding powers are just out of this world and my old seat...
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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Just finished installing my power driver's seat. Install went smoothly. I hooked up Pin 3 to one of the 30amp locations with an inline 30 amp fuse. I hooked up Pin 4 to the factory ground point behind the hood release pull. I hooked up Pin 5 directly to the 75x post and used an inline 10 amp...
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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Thank you!! That would explain the difference in wire gauges.
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    Wiring (HELP) for Power Drivers Seat

    Quick question. I don't have a Bentley manual and I'm assuming the answer would be in there: Why do the seats require two separate power sources? I'm assuming one powers the memory module and the other powers the motors. I'm referring to the 3-5 pins on the female power receptacle. What is...
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    Installing a Power seat

    Figured out where the memory control module attaches to the underside of the seat. Located all plugs and their relevant receptacles. So I have everything in place under the seat and just need to wire it up. If I simply plug in the airbag plug from my old seat, the heated seat plug from my...