I have always loved to build fast things. My first was a Chevy mouse motor in my 83 Olds Cutlass that ran 12.8 and 11.2 with the spray. Then it was my Honda TRX450R. It is now a 540cc with a 3mil stroke and a 101mm bore. The biggest cam than can be put in and loads of compression. It's FUN but u better hold on tight.
I dreamed of having a VW all my life. I have also been fascinated by the economy of the small diesel autos. I lucked out and got both in one package.
January 7
Louisiana, U.S.A.
96 Passat TDI
Fuel Economy
39 mpg
So far have been replacing worn out parts like struts, brakes, alternator, clutch, glow plugs, A/C compressor, accumulator, and TXV, next is the radiator.
I did get injectors from GotTuned, nxt is turbo and tune.


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