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    PP520 nozzles and PSI tuning box?

    Hoo, niitä saa täältäkin ! - Mitäs nuo kustantaa !?! (I'm asking the pricing )
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    factory fill oil for '03 ti

    Re: factory fill oil for \'03 ti "They use one oil for all TDI engines. The way I understand it from a mechanic I worked with who used to work in a VW assembly plant, was that all the engines are filled with oil and test fired at the factory before they are crated up and shipped to the assembly...
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    factory fill oil for '03 ti

    Re: factory fill oil for \'03 ti The euro factory fill is indeed 503/506 (I.e. NOT 505 !!). All new TDIs are long service interval - >30tkm. (And it's only possible with 506 oils in case of TDIs.) And ALL 506 oils are 0W-30 !! These simple facts are somehow very difficult to understand in the...
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    Let's design the ULTIMATE injectors!

    Re: Let\'s design the ULTIMATE injectors! About the holes ... Larger holes let more fuel to flow, yes - BUT the fuel spray is now longer in lenght. I.e. More fuel in the spray - more fuel to evaporate and ignite when flying towards the piston crown .. -> The fuel droplets get's nearer to the...
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    JE won't make diesel pistons

    Re: JE won\'t make diesel pistons "I’m sure REV (the guys that make titanium everything) can whip a set of tulip intakes for a TDI no problem." Titanium everything = titanium pistons !? .. The would'n crack from the heat nor melt !! (OK - The thermal expansion could be a problem..)
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    What are PowerPlus nozzles !?

    Kerma is selling some PowerPlus nozzles !? What are these ? (The number cannot be the whole size in um - can it ? Then those holes would be ~0.5mm !! Way big !!) Any data-sheets etc. ?
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    If a VW tech can reflash the ECU, why can't a chip tuner do the same?

    Re: If a VW tech can reflash the ECU, why can\'t a chip tuner do the same? There is only one flash chip in the ECU because of cost resons.. (For the same reson some older ECUs did use two cheap chips ..) Anyway the program and data is stored on the same programmable chip(s) - So both are...
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    If a VW tech can reflash the ECU, why can't a chip tuner do the same?

    Re: If a VW tech can reflash the ECU, why can\'t a chip tuner do the same? Older ECUs do have OTP-ROMs (One-Time-Programmable). Some do have factory programmable flash. (So this cannot be flashed via SW.) All newer ECUs are fully SW-flashable via the diagnostic bus. (These are in PD-TDIs and...
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    Underbody protection for Skoda Octavia?

    It has the plastic underbody from factory ... If you would like something better then search for 'factory skid plate' in upgrades-forum. (With this skid plate make sure you have the room with the air conditioning compressor. If you have a non-factory installed AC this may be a problem..)
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    Hypothetical ??? about a pseudo MAF sensor

    Just put 1V zener diode from the +5V to MAF signal output and 10kOhm resitor from there to ground. I.e. Here you emulate the MAF that gives maximum flow indication ... (Search the forums for a better explanation !) This should give you the maximum power - It'll smoke if you dont have clean...
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    skid plate install

    My tip : Take a flat metal bar (thick sheet) and drill a hole for the bolt. Lube the rivnut and bolt threads - But not the metal bar nor rivnut flange area. Now use the metal bar as a handle when tightening the bolt / rivnut. (In between the bolt and rivnut ) The friction between the...
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    hell yeah...

    PLEASE, PLEASE - Could someone translate the .pdf to english !?
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    Are these gains worth $125, shipped?

    About MAFs ... Have you checked the supply voltage to the MAF when running ? I have heard that some chargers (the integrated regulator) gives too high voltage. Hence the battery voltage and any other directly derived voltage is then too high. This high voltage has caused shortened bulb life and...
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    Are these gains worth $125, shipped?

    The original EGR doesn't seem to be too restrictive (when clean ) .. .. AND if it still makes 4hp difference (which I still doubt ) .. .. Then how much could be gained from those very restrictive IC tubes !?! Any tries on the lower & upper IC tubes ? (Dynos !?)
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    EBAY TUNNING BOX and Ceramic Lube

    They do sell all kinds of crap : and I wouldn't add any kind of 'sand' (nor Teflon-goo) to my engine