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    A4 tdi with RNS-E DVD navigation

    Actually I believe RNS-E DVD navi has everything built in so it's probably a coding / wiring issue, I have never installed (or even seen in person) any one of those, so my best bet would be to recheck your wiring.
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    Cold Weather Design Flaw, Secret Recall from VW?

    This is a very long thread so I'm sorry if I'll repeat something, but I haven't read it completely. Interesting thing in ETKA is that part with "C" suffix has been replaced in November '99 by "D" suffix part, which is still valid. The "H" part is shown only on New Beetle from MY02 up, but only...
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    Climatronic - PLS HELP ME!

    This means you have an error and you should (if possible) scan the coontrol module with VAG-COM (or VAS5051, VAG1551, or whatever your dealer has). Regarding the relay, I don't think there is a relay, at least not in the car's interior, the clicking sound is the actual engage/disengage sound of...
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    Hopefully the last upgrade: ESP in my 2000 Jetta

    Re: Hopefully the last upgrade: ESP in my 2000 Jet vwtdi04, Yes, if you want to upgrade Mk20 you should do it with Mk20 ESP and same for Mk60 (It may be possible to switch them but that would involve extra work probably). You can identify it by the way it's mounted, and the way lines go out of...
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    Hopefully the last upgrade: ESP in my 2000 Jetta

    The following is related to a Mk20 upgrade, but a Mk60 should probably be very similar in terms of parts. Cost can range from really not too much (couple hundred euros~dollars), to A LOT (couple THOUSANDS $) depending on where you get the parts, eBay or the dealer. If you try german eBay, you...