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    overland offroadish build

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    2015 Passat SE TDI 6M radiator leaking

    I had the same failure, went to Wal Mart, spent under $5 and bought some radiator stop leak. It held for many months prior to VW buying the thing back. If you go this route, make sure you get the correct type, as there are several for different Anti Freeze types.
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    VW Rejecting Non-Clean Titles?

    Haven't hear of that and I have been paying attention.
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    Interior Cabin Lights

    Touareg or Jetta?
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    Thanks for the response!
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    My dealership interpreted it to mean that I HAD to have the vehicle serviced there. :)
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    Interesting, I have a 14 and haven't seen a bulletin/repair letter.
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    I have the booklet, and have still had a dealership deny free adblue. Thats why I was looking for source on this much more direct statement. "AdBlue® re-fillings will also be offered free of charge between service intervals for: - 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever occurs first from the...
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    Additional Restitution

    Congrats! Same as others, FedEx mailer that you had to sign for? Anything from Bosch?
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    Excessive AdBlue Usage?

    Can you provide the exact source for this quote. Thanks!
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    2015 vs 2016 Touareg TDI

    No real difference between 15 and 16 MY. Big difference in the trim levels and available options.
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    Adblue Freefills, anyone getting push back?

    Nice, that's where my Treg was before the fix! Is your dealer doing oil changes an services, or are you? My dad is the one who is having issues, I had to get a bit stern when I requested mine.
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    Additional Restitution

    Awesome news!!!!
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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Excellent news! Thanks for the info.