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    Fuel filter check valve bad. What happens?

    The only reason that I replaced this part with a Kerma widget is because I thought that these 3 way valves were cheaply made & that it MIGHT fail in the future. When I would do the diesel purge procedure on my car (you run the car off of 100% Diesel Purge for about 30 minutes until you empty...
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    Fuel filter check valve bad. What happens?

    I see that you live in New Orleans. If the 3 way thermostatic valve is stuck in the position where it always sends 100% of the return fuel from the fuel rail back to the tank, I would just leave it that way. I replaced my valve with a "Kerma Widget" about 10 years ago which just plugs the hole...
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    Mahle Turbo, 2004 BEW

    There is a pretty good chance that it just your vacuum actuator or an issue with your vacuum lines causing your problem. I have 220,000 miles on my original Borg Warner KP 39 turbo and when I used Vagcom to see if the turbo was delivering the required air, it just wasn't doing what it was told...
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    Door panel 1
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    Door panel 2
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    Door panel 3
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    Door panel 4
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    Possible parasitic draw problem....

    I was having some electrical issues with my 2004 BEW Jetta. 1st I changed the battery & then the alternator with no success. The issue ended up being the fuseable link from the alternator to the battery. Looking at it, this fuseable link looked fine, it wasn't until I removed it that I saw...
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    Crank no start after fuel pump and filter replacement

    A good way to diagnose any issues with your fuel system is to do a "Diesel Purge" procedure. You remove your fuel filter & put a quart can of Diesel Purge in its place. There are 4 hoses that connect to your fuel filter. Some of the vendors that specialized in catering to TDI owners used to...
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    Crank no start after fuel pump and filter replacement

    When the crankshaft sensor failed on my 2004 Jetta, it did not set any codes. The car would just intermittently stall at or near idle.
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    Crank no start after fuel pump and filter replacement

    The 2004 BEW Jetta has "Pump Deuse" unit injectors (no injection pump).
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    Water pump leaking after TB change. Options?

    One other thing that you want to check for is if the plastic piece in back of the water pump might be interfering with your water pump seating correctly. My water pump started leaking 40,000 after I replaced the TB & pump. It happened after the large radiator cooling fan stopped working & the...
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    Help with insurance adjustor?

    When you own an older vehicle that you have taken very good care of, you are simply going to get screwed if that car is in an accident. If you had all recent work done at a garage & could prove the amount you put into the car with recent receipts, you might be able to get them to budge. With...
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    Door Card Re-Upholster

    Just as an FYI for anybody thinking about installing the vinyl door panel inserts. They are a big improvement over the nasty dirty sagging cloth inserts that I replaced, but they do not fit perfectly. If you do install them, you want to screw the seam along the top 1st which will end up...
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    Engine Stalling on Hot Days; HOT FUEL?

    If you search "Kerma Widget" on here, you will find a device that replaces your 3 way fuel temperature regulator valve at your fuel filter. The Kerma Widget replaces it & returns all of the fuel being returned from the fuel rail to the tank all of the time. If you have ever done the "Diesel...