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    1992 4runner ALH question

    Unfortunately I don't have any photos of mine (ALH/Toyota LJ78), but for the heater core I tee'd into the two hoses running to the oil cooler and capped the extra port on the back of the cylinder head. I get hot air within a few minutes of driving, and haver a temperature probe on the coolant...
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    Alh in Toyota pickup starter clearance issues

    What adapter plate did you use? I had a similar problem with an ACME kit I used for an ALH/R150f, even with the stock VNT15 there wasn't anywhere near enough clearance for an exhaust. A BHW manifold and turbo would probably do the trick for you, it pulls the turbo away from the block. I tried...
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    BHW exhaust manifold
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    A different kind of build alh content

    Wow, cool project! I will be interested to see what kind of mileage you can squeeze out of that setup. I've recently started daily driving my 4200lb LandCruiser/ALH swap and have had two fuel-ups at just under 24mpg. Mine has a 0.69:1 5th gear ratio, 4.88 diffs and 235/85/16 tires, putting it at...
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    FS: MKIV Jetta ALH remaining parts - Savannah, GA

    Long shot, but are the injectors still available? Very interested if so.
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    1997 Jetta won't glow/won't cold start

    It has been this way since I bought the car over a year ago, with pretty much no change whatsoever. Supposedly the injector pump was rebuilt and the timing belt changed 10-20k before that, so presumably whatever shop did the work failed to set it all up correctly. I could be mistaken, but I...
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    Jetta Timing Graph
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    1997 Jetta won't glow/won't cold start

    As predicted, the timing is advanced off the charts. Unfortunately I don't have the time/shop space to fix it until the end of November, but I figure I've been driving it like this for well over a year so another month can't hurt too much! Any ideas if this can be adjusted out at the IP or is...
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    TDI Conversions: Build Threads and Links to Swap Discussions

    Here's mine: a 1991 Toyota LandCruiser Prado LJ78 with an ALH swapped in. Nearly completed, I've put about 250km on it since getting it running. Hoping to have it back on the road in December. My first swap, its...
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    1997 Jetta won't glow/won't cold start

    I'll have to check that solenoid, thanks! Not starting the car in freezing temps right now, but soon will be. It has always started fine in the winter with the coolant temp sensor unplugged, down to -15ºF. I know the glow plugs aren't supposed to glow unless its pretty cold, but even on really...
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    1997 Jetta won't glow/won't cold start

    Hi all, new here! I have a 1997 Jetta AHU with around 195k miles on it. I have an odd problem with the glow system or coolant temperature sensor. Under normal conditions the engine refuses to cold start (even on hot summer days), it just stutters and puffs huge clouds of white smoke. However, if...