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    2000 golf ALH tuning deleting sensors

    There is a couple of groups on Facebook dedicated to T4 engine swaps. Lots of helpful people on there. You can't really ditch any sensors from an E-VP37 install. You could run without a MAF but the tuning time and cost would far outweigh the difficulty of installing a MAF You can ditch anti...
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    I recently discovered a website called after what appeared to be a spam bot messaged me on ECU connections. I was pretty desperate to get a tune and I could find no tuner except darkside who would touch it and they were very expensive and a long way from me. Anyway I was pretty...
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    Need info on TDI ALH tuning and check out some of my project plans

    What IQ have you scaled your Pump voltage to if you don't mind me asking?
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    Need info on TDI ALH tuning and check out some of my project plans

    I would take people claims with the 10mm pump with a pinch of salt. I would suggest that you get a 11mm pump. I have tried with several cloned MPPS cables various versions and never got them to work. So if you can get one to work your already head of the game There is a great YouTube...
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    Need info on TDI ALH tuning and check out some of my project plans

    You would need Winols to alter the maps and something like KESS V2 (EU version)to flash the maps. Presumably your not going to be purchasing these from legit sources. So you will need a Laptop with Windows 7 on it. EBAY is a good place to find these things. Tuning is basically the hardest...
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    A cornucopia of bag things AHU related

    Have you removed the injectors in recent history. First time I removed a set I had to buy the biggest slide hammer you ever seen to pull it out. After that it's been easy. But if they have never been out they can be hard to remove
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    Need info on TDI ALH tuning and check out some of my project plans

    What did you weld it with? I had issues historically using a MiG with mild steel. I have seen there are some rods that allegedly work with cast..
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    A cornucopia of bag things AHU related

    The piping is all different between valves I believe. So make sure the diagram you use is for a wastegate setup
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    A cornucopia of bag things AHU related

    AFN will be a vacuum N75 aHU will be a boost N75
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    A cornucopia of bag things AHU related

    Sounds like you probably still have a boost leak. N18 is the valve for the EGR. I presume you meant N75?. N75's are not all created equal. Some are designed for boost and some for vacuum. Maybe you fitted a vacuum one erroneously. You need to use VCDS to really diagnose it. Could be loads...
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    Need alh help

    There should be a one way check valve on the fuel pump. My understanding is that it is built into the return fitting although I have never checked. Depending on where the fuel pump came from and where the fittings came from, it may not have it or may be faulty. I believe land Rovers didt have...
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    IQ deviation issue

    How is the ECU measuring the deviation? Looking at photos of the PD Injector loom, it appears they are only 2 wire. So no metering. My suspicion is that it is measuring the time it takes one revolution of the crankshaft very accurately and correlating that with which injector just fired...
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    AFN, AHU, 1Z , ABL big end failure.

    Bit of an update for anyone interested I think I've sorted problem. The engine in question is fitted to a T4 transporter. Which did not come with TDI as standard. It's a pretty common conversion to swap in an AHU/AFN. But you have to transfer quite a lot of bits off the the original TD block...
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    Question regarding compression height of stock pistons...

    You are honestly mad, wanting to deck the block for the sake of it. I doubt your going to find any pistons that are going to fit the bill. You could offset grind your rod journal to the second repair stage to shorten your stroke. Most people do it to increase stroke. But I guess you could do...
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    Decided to finally build up my ALH...

    I'm not convinced about off the shelf tunes like kerma and malone, When your doing a build like yours. I would talk to Kerma before your start and see what turbo they would recommend with their highest level off the shelf tune. I doubt it's going to be same as yours. So you may never see the...