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    Buying a Golf Mk4 Arl Tdi

    Buying a car without seeing it is a proposition where the odds are against you. This is because so many people seem to be unable to tell the truth about the car they are trying to sell. You may very well have an actual honest seller, but if you cannot find a friend or some other reliable...
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    Fuel Prices

    Right along with gasoline, and a lot of other things.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    A follow up to the above. It was the driver's side door jamb where I repaired the canbus twisted wire pair. And I fixed the right side door lock. It wasn't the solder joints on the circuit board inside the door latch mechanism like I suspected. I had previously repaired that. It was a small...
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    Gas run in TDI scenario

    In my mind, the usual scenario is someone mistakenly filled with gasoline instead of diesel, tried to drive out, then the engine stopped after a very short distance. We're talking a mile or less. The usual worries about damage to the engine are limited to the injection system. Cleaning out...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    So yesterday I fixed my wife's NB (2003, auto). The windows and mirrors quit responding to anything we did. The door locks are also resistant to change, but it turns out that is a separate issue. Anyway, after checking a few things, including a replacement CCM, I found a guy who fixed the one...
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    ///// Need to bleed cooling system ? / How to bleed the system ? /////

    3 inches in a 5 gallon bucket sounds just fine. The total system volume of just the radiator isn't more than about a gallon, maybe just a bit less, so you did fine there. I agree with the others posted above. The system will neatly bleed itself over a few cycles if you give it a chance. Just...
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    150 Amp Strip fuse blows

    The manual should identify what is running off that fuse's circuit. You could start running down those items individually. Good luck! PH
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    2002 New Beetle TDi CCM Issue? Or....?

    I have many of the same symptoms on my wife's 2003 NB. I was about to start pulling apart the door, but I am also thinking it is the CCM. I'll be paying attention to this thread. Good luck! If you do find the cure, please post it! Cheers, PH
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    2003 Jetta tdi no fuel squirting out of injectors

    It could be that your injection pump produces enough pressure to get past the exit valves at the pump head, but not enough to overcome the pop pressure of the injectors. BTDT. In my case, I replaced the injection pump with a rebuilt unit and have not had any failures since. Cheers, PH
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    Central Florida

    I am in Crestview. There's another guy in Niceville, but I don't remember his user name. Neither of us are professional mechanics, but I can provide some help. LMK Cheers, PH
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    G12/G13 coolant question

    At the risk of kicking over a hive of wasps over yet another coolant argument, I would recommend against the change unless the manufacturer of the gaskets can guarantee that they will be fine in the new coolant. Having said that, you're probably fine if you stick to G12/13 since VW didn't...
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    mk4 golf

    If you quit driving your Fiero as your other car, that feeling that your Golf is too high will slowly fade away. Suggestion #2 (a real one this time): Check to ensure that the seat raising and lowering mechanism works properly. After that, re-engineering the seat to lower it further will...
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    Is My 2003 Jetta Wagen Worth Anything?

    Your car is junk and you must sell it to me for one dollar. ;) Cheers, PH
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    ///// Does everybody run hub centric spacers on their aftermarket wheels ? /////

    I would think that the centering rings are needed just to make sure the initial clamping of the lug bolts when they are tightened up are indeed properly centered. Certainly you are correct in your assessment of how much compression plastic can take - the stuff deforms readily. And in your...
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    No longer for sale. 2000 Jetta TDI GLS 5-speed w/ 271000 miles - Orange County, CA

    Rust visible means lots more that isn't. Also, does the a/c work?