Powder Hound

I was born at a very young age..... and now I'm not so young anymore.

Hobbies: bicycling, film photography, and recently house painting. Sold the house, bought another, moved. The painting is taking a brief hiatus until we decide on new colors.
Under a Bridge, Crestview, FL, USA
Software engineer. When I had a job that is...
'00 Golf 4dr White 5sp, '02 Jettachero 5sp, Wife's '03 NB Platinum Gray auto(!)
Fuel Economy
pretty freakin' good.
My favorite mod(erator) is BK Metz. PeterV is right up there too.
Mods (cont.)
Oh, you meant modifications, not moderators? Oops, my bad. OK: I no longer run 'VW Approved' fluids, except for coolant. None of 'em.


You always pay for what you get. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
It is called dope because it does make you dumb.
Thinking outside the box is difficult for some. They're afraid they'll fall off the edge of the box and be lost to oblivion.


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