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    Engine vibration at idle

    The Golf starts and runs fine, except at idle, and then there's a lot of vibration. Replaced the engine mounts as they were getting tired, and it got a little worse. Dug out my ISO-COM and VCDS and set the IQ to 4. I'd set it to 2.4 10 years ago for reasons forgotten. No help. The thing...
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    nytimes - The cost of higher fuel economy

    The New York Times had an article today citing that apart from the Prius and Jetta TDI, the cost of higher economy options generally do not return their investment in the typical life of a car, assuming $4/gallon fuel prices. The included chart lists the Jetta TDI as having the fastest payback...
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    Help! Captive nut on forward LCA bolt is loose.

    Replaced the LCAs, and when installing the front bolt on the LCA, I knocked the captive nut out and now it floating around in the sub-frame. The sub-frame looks pretty impossible for me to remove. What next?
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    Nanparticles in diesel emission cause heart disease

    I'm kind of surprised at the reception that threads like this receive from moderators. I would have posted this to the Oxford_Guy thread of the same title but its locked down. We're a large group of people that own diesels. Wouldn't seeing and evaluating research like this be in our own...
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    Endless 10 mph door lock

    Our Passat locks the doors as soon it crosses above 10 mph. That would be normal if it happened once a trip. What's strange is it does this every time it goes above 10 mph, so in a parking lot the rear door locks are repeatedly clicking each time the car slows and speeds up. Same thing...
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    Is the fuel pump covered in the Powertrain Warranty?

    I see the injection system& fuel system listed in the emissions warranty, but only under 2 year, 24k miles. The powertain warranty lists engine, transmission and drivetrain, but under engine, its limited to cylinder block and all internal parts, cylinder head, valve train, spur belt, flywheel...
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    Edmunds Comparison Test: 2011 JSW vs 2012 Prius V Better mileage numbers for the Prius V, but overall "So as this rivalry goes, score another round for the diesel."
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    Is Bik.e comming to a TDI near you? The concept of “last few mile mobility” is one which we'll all grow accustomed to over the next decade as the world's cities become more congested and non-polluting micro mobility concepts begin to supplement other forms of...
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    Timing belt & Alternator $2100 by dealer on Long Island. Any options?

    Help - Timing belt & Alternator $2100 by dealer on Long Island. Any options? Hi Fellow TDIers. Over the break, my alternator pulley disintegrated, and partially melted the timing belt along the way. The timing belt is still working, but I need a complete timing belt job and a new...
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    Replaced faulty EGR valve, mileage up 8 mpg!!

    My mileage had been dropping since autumn. It held steady at 44 mpg, down from 46, for a couple months, then dropped to 42 for 3 tanks, finally 41 for 3 more. By this time my ECU had begun throwing an "EGR excessive flow" fault code, which basically means the EGR valve is not working and no...
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    Nano-sized Ultrafine Particles may contribute to Heart Disease

    from Its only one study, but still, I wonder if the new particulate filters will address particles this size. Study Suggests Unregulated Nano-sized Ultrafine Particles May Be Most Damaging Component of Air Pollution for Heart Disease 18 January 2008...
  12. Good part on left, bad part on right.

    Good part on left, bad part on right.

    The Good part has a stamped part number . The bad part on right has a stamped VW mark, but the part number is very lightly stamped, almost printed. Notice how shiny the bad part is.
  13. Good part on left, bad part on right.

    Good part on left, bad part on right.

    Good part on left, bad part on right. Bad part is shiny and has large mold seems. Also, the "pass" text is different eorinetation.
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    Counterfeit MAF?

    I received a new Bosch TDI MAF from a very big on-line VW/Audi parts supplier. The Bosch anti-counterfeiting laser seal was broken, and the box was taped shut with scotch tape. The wax paper looked extra crumpled, like it had held two parts, not one, in its life. The part looked new, but...
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    Ash at bottom of oil filter.

    Last weekend I changed the oil very hot through the top (thanks to a metal vacum can from Harbor Freight, and a home made probe for the dipstick) and I remember that even though the oil was super thin, because it was hot, the oil remnants below the oil filter were goopy and thicker. The last...