Living the good life

My livestock, German Shepherds, anything UNIX, vintage computers, diesels, and trains.
Medina, TX
2013 JSW, 2003 Jetta Ute, 2 x 2002 Golf, 2000 Golf
Fuel Economy
38-48, depending how I drive
See sig.


2013 JSW - Malone Stage 3, CR170, rawtek 3" straight pipe, PolarFIS, Panzer plate, front fogs, Bosal towhitch, Neuspeed 28mm swaybar, Sachs racing clutch, Peloquin LSD, dieselgeek shortshifter, 2micron CP3, diesel motorwerks egr/asv racepipe
2002 Golf GLS DSEL- Podtronic Stage 2 tune, VNT17, darkside SMIC/TIP pipe upgrade, .260 Wuzetem nozzles, dieselgeek short shifter, Bilstein B6/B8, Neuspeed sofsport springs, Neuspeed 28mm swaybar, ColorMFA, VR6 front brakes, 11mm IP, Peloquin LSD, dual diaphgram clutch, franko6 stage 2 cam, seat heater wiring retrofit, ecode headlights with levelers/fogs, bosal euro towhitch, fluidampr, .717 5th gear, BEW fuel tank lift pump, R32 steering wheel
2000 Golf GLS DSUL - Podtronics Stage 1 tune, Garrett VNT17, .230 Wuzetem nozzles, FIS cluster retrofit, bosal fixed euro towhitch, Koni yellows and Neuspeed sofsport springs, evolution thor skid plate, ecode headlights, heated seats mod, shortshifter, franko6 cam
2002 Golf GLS DSOL - Podtronic Stage 2 tune, ecode headlights w/levelers/fogs, Bilstein B6/B8, Neuspeed sofsport springs, heated seats retrofit, dieselgeek short shifter, dieselgeek skid plate, buzzcrap exhaust, darkside intake manifold, FIS cluster, 11mm IP, .230 nozzles, dual diaphgram clutch, franko6 cam


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