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    Mk6 Golf Steering Wheel

    Good used Golf Mk6 steering wheel and airbag. Slight scuffing on the left hand side. Asking $80 or best. Pickup in the NW burbs of Chicago. Can ship on your dime.
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    MK6 Golf Under-hood Insulation Question

    VW made a revised insulation pad P/N 5K0863831G. Picked one up last year and the tabs actually stay in the hood slots lol.
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    Rawtek Options

    The eco/straight kit is not much louder than stock, the turbo is more noticieble but that's about it. I can confirm there's no drone with the straight pipe and factory muffler. Smell is minimal without the cat. I drive 6-700 miles a week for work.
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    ID Parts A5Skidplate and Sideskirts

    I have this one, it's super stout and comes with additional mounts for the frame.
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    Was stuck in snow, now car shakes between 25-35mph

    Where in IL are you? Happy to take a look for you or swap some wheels around if don't have the means. I'm in Arlington Heights. F Midas lol. I'd be asking for my $$$ back if they gave me a BS line about water in the tires. I'm betting you have some snow/ice packed in the barrels of the...
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    Upgraded Slave Cylinder

    Ordered it and sent it back. Build quality was top not but I was not able to shim it to the same spec as the stock slave. Apparently the gasser slaves are different. Ended up installing the all metal Sachs unit along with the aluminum bleeder block and braided hose from USP Motorsports.
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    CPO ‘13 JSW Pano…

    I had new drains, pano assembly, glass, etc all covered by CPO a few years ago. They even had the headliner and carpet professionally cleaned due to the leaks.
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    Half way thru on the SBC Stage 2 install.
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    Time to finally do the pano drain hoses

    If they're the metal clips, I ordered these in the past and they worked fine.
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    Upgraded Slave Cylinder

    Yea, the price is not for everyone. But I feel if it's quality and you don't have to worry about the stock plastic slave failing, it's probably worth it. And I like shiny things lol! Hoping someone had some real life experience with it.
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    13 Golf 6sp Clutch no pressure, diagnostic help?

    Sorry to hear. I had a dead pedal again today so I'm going a head with a clutch replacement as well. Fun times lol.
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    Upgraded Slave Cylinder

    My JSW has the dreaded dead clutch pedal. I bled the clutch a few weeks ago and it's dead again. I'm thinking it's the slave. I plan on a SBC Stage 2 clutch. I'd like to upgrade the hydraulics as well while it's apart. Does anyone have any experience with the Clutch Masters aluminum unit...