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    Steering wheel vibration

    Just as a perhaps. I had similar problems, even went underneath to inspect rear control arm bushings. I checked tire pressures as it had been a while. I raised all 4 wheels to 35 psi carefully. I was very surprised by the results. Very much smoother :-) Tires are Michelin MXV4.
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    Purchase another TDI

    If they are not willing to help you, its probably because there is nothing in it for them. They are wanting to do things which make money for them. I would keep trying and they might come round. Subaru are good cars but for me they don't have that "German feel" which you might miss.
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    Car has no power. Maybe MAF issue, don't want to throw parts at it.... help meeeeee!

    Check your vacuum hoses, all of them and the other bits and pieces in the vacuum system, check valve, valves etc. Split hoses hide pretty well so be thorough. Perhaps replace them all systematically if they are old. Its cheap enough. Its likely that the MAF needs replacing however...
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    2010 JSW Report After "Fix" - No Power Loss

    Perhaps a little...yes. I have no experience of their work however and good reports are good to hear.
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    2010 JSW Report After "Fix" - No Power Loss

    I would be interested to know the dealer that did the work. I'm looking at having my 2012 jsw fixed but I live in the mountains about 2 hours drive from several vw dealers including Greensboro. In 5 years I have never been to a dealer since my last warranty oil change. Too far away so I do...
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    2001 Beetle limp mode

    Make sure you have replaced ALL the vacuum lines elbows etc, wash out the valves (hot water works well though old timey). Be thorough!! Dont skimp! I have found limp mode problems to be mostly linked to vacuum system issues which can be hard to eradicate but cheap. Perhaps also a new Bosch...
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    First impressions after fix-NEUTERED!

    It seems that there has been quite a lot of recent BBC TV coverage over "fixed VW diesels" going into into "Limp Mode". A program called Watchdog, episode 3 from July.
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    2013 Jetta low beam headlights

    I find that Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H7 bulbs are hard to beat. 2-3 years. Wont use any others now. Make sure package says "Made in Germany"
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    rear view camera

    I would be interested to know how to buy the RCD330G+. Can it be bought in USA or did you buy it in Czech republic ?? I would also be concerned by the hook-up wiring. My radio is standard on the 2012 JSW and has no camera connection of course, like the later ones do. It might go...
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    rear view camera

    I guess I am seeing what my options are. My JSW is a 2012 and I still use a Tomtom. Changing the radio is a big step and as you suggest, changing the mirror is a possible alternative though at this point I don't know where to get one that is suitable. Any ideas on that?? Sounds...
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    rear view camera

    It seems the JSW and the regular Golf are basically different as the JSW does not have a hatch badge or at least not one you use to open the hatch. Any articles pertaining to a camera mounted in the badge therefore do not apply to JSW.
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    rear view camera

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket rear view or back up camera on their JSW without changing the original radio (with no screen connection). Planning on getting the fix but I would like to have better rear view too. I see possible stuff on Ebay etc but if there are folks with experience I...
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    Where to get Gen 1 fix done.

    Having just heard that the Gen 1 fix is approved, I would like to get my 2012 JSW MT6 fixed soon. I do all my own work on my car and my wife's 2000 NB TDI so there is no dealer I have experience of. My first 3 oil changes on the JSW were done at the dealer Flow in Winston Salem. Looking...
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    HELP needed in Boone/Blowing Rock Area

    I am not a guru but I do all my own work on my TDI's and have a reasonable knowledge and experience. Located in West Jefferson, about 30 mins east of Boone. I personally know of nobody knowledgeable in the area hence I do all my own work but I would be happy to give it the once over if that...
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    Sluggish Beetle

    I know its on your list already but I would replace old vacuum hoses, go beyond checking them, clean vacuum fittings, double check the vacuum check valve, replace the vacuum hose going to the anti shudder valve. Watch for different diameter hoses. I had a similar problem and it was cured by...