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    safe coal?

    You want a ram pickup, preferably with swampers, they come with factory coal option
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    2013 TDI 6speed manual - my first TDI

    I'd see what the seller does about it. Indigo blue is correct, it has sat for a while, bad juju for complex computer controls. Could even be crap in the fuel, modern diesel doesn't age well anymore.
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    The other possible issue you have is the cpu gives up and shuts down if the rpm goes below 800, easy with the clutch feel removed like it is. There is a fitting on the clutch master cyl that needs replacing if you want a "normal" clutch feel. Need to search for that here on the site. Could be...
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $3.18 reno nv. Arrgh.
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    Buying a "fixed" TDI

    Probably the same reason everybody hates smog regulations, cat converters, DPF's, you name it. Just one more miniscule time waster that takes you away from your phone screen.
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    Canadian repair on US warranty tdi

    That's what I was expecting. Thanks.
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    Tesla Range Extender

    Solar panels will charge the accessory battery, they do squat for range extending. How far can you go on a couple KWH?
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    Canadian repair on US warranty tdi

    I'm going to be traveling around BC this spring. If something fails during the trip, is there a process to get it repaired under my US VW dieselgate warranty?
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    Drilling a drain hole in the intercooler plumbing

    I got into an argument with a stealership mechanic who said that this would kill my DPF. When I asked him how he knew that, he replied "because I have replaced several DPFs on cars with intake leaks". OH REALLY?
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    1/4, 3/8 or 1/2" drive?

    I mostly use 3/8, have the others AND a 1" drive with a couple of sockets from my aircooled days. The memories of loosening that @$!### axle nut......
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    Engine off coasting a TDI.

    From what I understand, icing is caused by driving in wet slush and is mostly independent of engine running. I do not recall anybody icing a running car unless they were attempting boating their VW. With all the other nonsense going on computer controlled, AND, only using a quart of fuel every...
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    What tires did you replace your stock Conti's with???

    Running conti extreme sport all season. Like they are glued to the pavement, we will see how they stick on snow & ice. $150 a tire, only 5 k so far.
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    Vibration under acceleration

    I just found out I had a bent/out of true rim from the factory. Shook around 40-45.
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    Old diesel fuel shelf life?

    If it's red or pink that's dyed ag fuel. Don't use that either.
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    VW CHEATED on gasoline vehicles too

    Unfortunately snow is rather polluted lately.