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    safe coal?

    You want a ram pickup, preferably with swampers, they come with factory coal option
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    2013 TDI 6speed manual - my first TDI

    I'd see what the seller does about it. Indigo blue is correct, it has sat for a while, bad juju for complex computer controls. Could even be crap in the fuel, modern diesel doesn't age well anymore.
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    Canadian repair on US warranty tdi

    I'm going to be traveling around BC this spring. If something fails during the trip, is there a process to get it repaired under my US VW dieselgate warranty?
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    Waiting time for fix

    Who is waiting for the fix and what is the average time you have had to wait? Local idiot stealership has us on list last 2 months with no promise date.
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    WTB 2 micron kit 2013 golf Reno eNVy

    wife said VW can pry it out of her cold dead hands, so it's a keeper. Too cold right now and don't have a place to install CP3, and it just went out of 36000 warranty. pm/ email citiliftdriver{at} hotmail with details I don't hit site every day, same for e mail. Thanks