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    '04 Sir Limps A Lot; the saga continues

    No. I can't afford a 1st gen 4 runner turbo model...nor would I want a gas powered sub. I'll be using an ebay intercooler. You can buy an adapter that replaced the anti shutter valve that adapts the intake to a standard turbo silicone elbow, held on with trusty t bolt hose clamps.
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    '04 Sir Limps A Lot; the saga continues

    If you need an intercooler let me know. Just pulled one out, the engine is going into a 4 runner so I'm not reusing it. I've never heard of one failing so I don't see a need to keep it for my DD passat.
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    3.0 TDI swap to D2 S8 questions

    I'm still searching for info on the vw engine bolt pattern on the 3.0/4.2. Are they they same as the 4 cyl tdi motors? I've been looking at a duramax 6.6 for an eventual replacement motor for my current 4.2 I6 inboard diesel motor for some time but I think finding a tune for a tdi 4.2 v8 tdi...
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    Any idea what this part was originally designed to hold?

    One of the few spots under the hood you can keep a beer without spilling it while wrenching.
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    Flexplate compatability

    The easiest method if you don't have machinist skills is to buy a tdi to SBC adapter. Then use used factory mercruiser parts to mate the 1.9t to your outdrive.
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    05 passat 5 speed swap questions

    The 1.8t 5 speed trans is shorter than the v6 trans. If you can't imagine cruising 3000 rpms at 75 mph then you're really going to be disappointed with the 4cyl trans.
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    Buyer beware clutch masters fx300 with Whitbread flywheel

    That sounds like the right part number. It's been a few years. It will fit the b5.5 passat 5 speed with 1.8t (not the jetta 1.8t) Call south bend on Monday. Its an endurance treatment they give the clutch disk and pressue plate. They won't need the flywheel since it will be new. They will...
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    05 passat 5 speed swap questions

    I have less than 750 in my smf valeo set up even after the south bend upgrade. The clutch set up fits in usps flat rate. I never had chatter issues other than when trying to feather the clutch. Even my current set up you either engage the clutch or disengage it, dont feather it. Thus...
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    05 passat 5 speed swap questions

    1800 rpm is right below the torque curve and diesels don't like to be lugged. I suppose if you were in a very flat area you could get away with that but with a 5 speed any hill would require a down shift. How many tdi 5 speeds will yield a sub 2500 rpms at 75mph? I don't follow exact fuel...
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    Clutch options/choices for BHW/R150

    I went with the dual friction centerforce from jegs. I have to double check the exact specs but I believe it was the stage 2 street clutch. Rated for north of 400 ft lbs of torque. I was hesitant at first until I read some fj40 reviews of them for on/off road performance. The 40 will beat...
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    05 passat 5 speed swap questions

    I went cheap and used a locally sourced DVZ v6 trans 3000 rpms @75. Being that I'm 90% city or back road it's never given me an issue. Even back back when my mom lived 4 hrs away on the coast I did 43mpgs at 3k/75 mph there and back. Only exception was when when I was pulling a trailer with 4...
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    Random no start issue

    Possible bad connection at battery terminal(s)?
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    tdi into a 67 Jeepster Commando

    The th400 used to be a 50 dollar core trans you could readily find used. Im not so sure you'll find that these days
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    tdi into a 67 Jeepster Commando

    Since we're spending someone else's money how about the 6l80e with more versatile gear ratios.
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    Seat upholstery

    I have a good cracked free (last I checked) sedan black (charcoal) back seat lower and uppers. I've yet to get a tan passat part out.