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    Q5 DTC Boost Control Too Slow -- Help

    Hi, I keep getting the DTC listed below on my wife's Q5. It threw a CEL today. The vehicle runs fine, smells from all of the deletes, but I did get this code before the turbo went bad about a year ago. So, about 20k on this turbo, fully deleted including high and low pressure EGR. Runs...
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    Q5 3.0 TDI Stage 2 & Deletes -- Smells So Bad -- Strong Odor

    ***Issues Resolved*** the post and info can be found in post #44 I'm curious if anyone is willing to sound of on their 3.0 TDI mod status and if you have experienced what I am. I have an "off-road" S-Line Q5 TDI that is fully...
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    FS: Mk5 2005.5 TDI Jetta Stage 3+ PD 6MT -- Upstate NY

    SOLD! 2005.5 VW Mk5 Jetta TDI 6-Speed ~185K Miles For sale is my recent baby. I've upgraded to newer, but I thought I'd gauge people's interest. I don't need to sell it, but not having an extra car in the driveway wouldn't be too bad. This car has almost 186K miles on it. I put over 35k...
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    A good pic of my Mk5 Jetta TDI

    A couple of friends borrowed my car for a week before supporting a couple cars in a AER race at Watkins Glen. One of them got a pretty stellar pic. 185k Stage 3+ 6MT
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    Tandem Pump Gasket Leak -- WTH

    Hey there everyone. I have an ongoing issue for months now. I replaced my tandem pump this past winter, or late fall, but I'm having continual problems with oil leaks. The pump I purchased was a brand new Pierburg pump from IDparts, as well as several gasket replacements. Regardless of...
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    FS: BRM PD100 Injectors -- Used -- Great Condition

    SOLD I am selling a spare set of injectors from a BRM that I picked up and intended to send out for servicing and upgrade. Since I have decided to go another route, I am going to sell these for half of what I paid for them. They were pulled from a well running car, look great, and were in...
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    FS: 02Q 5-Speed Trans from a Mk5 BRM -- Partial 5-Speed Swap Kit

    FS: 0A4 5-Speed Trans from a Mk5 BRM -- Partial 5-Speed Swap Kit SOLD I'll be doing a 5 to 6 speed swap in my BRM next week and would like to gauge any interest in the sale of my stock 5-speed. It is in perfect order as are all of the associate parts with exception for the clutch and...
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    FS: 2.0 CR Neuspeed Turbo Distcharge Pipe

    This has been SOLD. Ricky H.
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    Video: BRM Boost Hunting / Surge/Blip -- Activity Possible Actuator Issue?

    This is a short video illustrating the weird blips and surges I experience while on a steady throttle or cruise control. The blip and surge is momentary and only noticed the instant before this weird boost spike drops off and goes down to normal expected boost. VIDEO...
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    BRM Smart Actuator to Standard Vac Actuator Swap

    I'm curious. I am showing the tell tale signs of a diminishing smart actuator on my BRM. I get not boost or power until 1800-2000 RPM and then bam.. turbo pressure and power kick in abruptly. Before I change out the entire turbo for a PD140, and open that can of expensive worms, can I use a...
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    How are the BRM Gurus here? -- Loud Engine

    Hello All, I am curious if all BRMs sound similar, or if my car is having a weird issue. I had just done the huge Franko6 stage 2 cam with timing belt kit, and its all good, broken in with the procedure and fluids provided. But the engine just seems to be so loud. It is audiable from...
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    Audi A3 Dieselgate -- Info

    You can find the info here, if you have not looked through it already. It appears we will not get much for our modded cars, unless we put them back to stock, which for probably most of us, will not be...