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    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    Mine just came. It is the last peice in the puzzle. I am settled up now. Logging out of TDIClub, it was a good run. If VW ever coems out with a TDI Alltrack, I will be back, but until then..Good night and farewell.
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    Bosch $300

    It is up to $350.00
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    Dealer said can't take car with aftermarket wheels...

    Returned mine with Moda wheels with snows. Not questions asked.
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    Buyback with damage

    Don't bring it back when raining. Isn't there a manual crank to close the roof?
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    Thanks and so long . . .

    i am gone too, TDI went back Thursday, have an Alltrack now. This is a good site and will keep going for sure.
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    My Stripped (then un-stripped) Buyback attempt and experience

    I am saying this puts the consumer into a powerless position subject interpretation.
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    My Stripped (then un-stripped) Buyback attempt and experience

    This is scary if the Judge changes the parameters. I am not sure he can. There could be a class action suit here. I am not comfortable having Volkswagen decide what normal wear & tear is, a check engine light is on? A ding or scrape in the bumper? What qualifies as "stripping", not haviing the...
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    Strippers beware

    This give VW the right to say what is normal wear & tear...not a good precident to start. I have some dents on my car..Before this jaboney tried the shove it in VW's face...I wasn't concerned. now I am.
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    Anybody thinking of getting a new VW?

    I am getting good pricing on the S, in the upper 24's but trying to find the color combo I want. White/Marrakech.
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    Anybody thinking of getting a new VW?

    The Alltrack fills my needs. I am not going to cut my nose off to spite my face.
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    Just returned my leased TDI - They sent me a bill for $350

    Yet another case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.
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    Annoying things you won't miss

    The light clutch. I have been driving sticks since the late 70's, VE's infact, I have not stalled a car more than this one. Other than that, for 150K miles, relatlvely trouble free.
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    Just bought a Honda Crosstour

    We looked at one. Visability out the back was the killer.
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    VW has to be the dumbest company ever.....

    VW's arrogance shows through in every step of this process, it's boarding on insulting. What could they still do now? We know they cannot make the buyback dependant on buying back another VW. How about 4 years maintenance, 0% financing and 10% (of MSRP) rebate after working your best deal?
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    No buyback for 60,000 3.0 Liter?

    The first paragraph.... Volkswagen AG has reached an agreement with U.S. environmental regulators to fix or buy back around 80,000 Audi, VW and Porsche vehicles with tainted 3-liter diesel engines, nearing a resolution on a key aspect of the emissions-cheating scandal, people familiar with the...