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    How are TDI's doing long term after the buyback?

    2004 Jetta or Jetta wagon, 2004-05 golf
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    How are TDI's doing long term after the buyback?

    Every car generation has it's kinks: older TDI Passats and their BSM. Problem with the newer generations is the cost of repair, but back when the older were new, a 01M replacement or 5spd conversion was much more expensive than nowadays.
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    How are TDI's doing long term after the buyback?

    The problem with the CKRA Passat turbo have nothing to do with SCR system. I have a CVCA fitted Passat (2015, also SCR) and I have no issues with my turbo...knock on wood.
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    Is a leaky water pump covered under extended warranty?

    Pointer: do not drain the coolant, as other people report issues with purging the system (I didn't). I just removed the water pump and replaced the coolant that drained that way. Just top the bottle before you start the engine, mine took almost a gallon back in. Also, there are replacement...
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    Glow plug light flashing/loss of power. 2015 golf tdi sport wagon 23,000 miles.

    Could be a number of things, you need a scan of your ECU for stored codes.
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    Found this satisfying

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    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    Ask the dealer for their offer, that would be an easy data point. Also online services like Carvana could be easy data points. Car prices are locale dependent, so you need data points around you. No idea of prices as of late, but I had to travel to find both my 2015, most likely because I wanted...
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    Jetta TDI buying advice

    Also, if not with the original radio, the dead battery could be the result of the canbus never going to sleep with an aftermarket radio. Heck, even OEM newer radios (if retrofitted) require update to the canbus, one from a newer model jetta.
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    Jetta TDI buying advice

    You will be fine for 18 months with a new battery, best not to cheap out and get a dealer sold battery if you have a dealer nearby. That jetta (engine code BRM) most likely needs a new camshaft and lifters. If you listen to the engine running and it taps kinda hard, it probably has a hole in a...
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    Could hitting a curb damage something in the trans?

    I concur with tjg and Andy, it does look bent
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    Stereo head units

    For mk4 and trying to stay as close as OEM as possible, I did RCN210 for a little over $100. But my car has a quad connector and steering wheel controls, so I had to spend some other $40 or so for the Canbus emulator/quad connector.
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    Diesel Generator for the end of the world

    Bio methane...not a bad idea actually. Look at all Matt Damon was able to accomplish on Mars with :poop:
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    Spring breakage

    Metal fatigue is to be expected. I had one of the rears on my wagon snap, easy fix. Once bought a mk5 with a blown engine and all springs broken.
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    Considering raising my 06 VW beetle plus ...or spacers on the rear.