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    Bilstein B 6 ride quality

    On my daily driver I prefer the softest Bilsteins, or stock suspension.
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    Winter tires

    I have run many sets of Blizzak, or Alpin, or X-ice over the years but now my all time favorite is Nokian Hakkepelitas. Skinnier rather than wider for sure.
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    A/C issue

    Chances are very good the compressor control solenoid is the culprit. If the system works great when it does work, just delayed, it is likely that. My 09 acted the same way, solenoid cured it.
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    So has anyone run 12a refrigerant long term with success?

    If we get a known sealant car, we usually opt out of the repair unless the system is empty as we don't want to destroy our recovery machine with that crap. Charging by weight is a good start to get close to an accurate charge, but charging by temperatures is the only way to get it absolutely...
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    starts hard after resting; timing changed to zero

    The early cars had a soft lower crank sprocket that could wear the key away and timing could change due to that. I always inspect or update the lower sprocket. Or something may have been left loose on the belt install. Either way it needs to be looked at before damage happens.
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    The 240D automatic was a slug, however the 240D manual wasn't too bad. Or at least it felt better if nothing else. I remember a race between a Honda 50 stepthrough and a horse. The Honda lost badly, must not have even has one horsepower I figured.
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    "Cold-air intakes" and "high-flow air filter" FAQ

    When discussing MAF failures at a Bosch service school the instructor was asked about K&N. The answer concerning MAF's was K&N stand for Kill it Now. Never mind the hot air ingestion and dirt infusion into the engine. It is your car, if you want to kill it it is your option.
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    2.0 Tdi cjaa tuning

    Kerma can do a standalone and immo delete and tune if desired. He has done a couple for me. I am pretty sure they are open. I got no reply for weeks either from Malone on a separate 1.4 gasser swap project. I get the stay home thing, but software can be done at home.
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    Bad ECU reading for CTS

    Check your injection/cam timing. Some of the earlier cars had a soft crankshaft timing sprocket and the key would wear and allow the timing to change enough to give a hard cold start. If you have VCDS there is an easy quick timing check.
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Old VW's are gold anymore especially the bus in any form. I have been looking for a good deal on a type 3, preferably a fastback, but they don't seem to appear anymore anywhere. I would not put in an air cooler unless it was in really good shape, thinking diesel conversion, or 1.4T. I did find...
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    Beetle and transporter air cooled engines were very well engineered, but no one seemed to give them credit for that. The common remarks likened them to Briggs and scrapiron type design and function, but they were wrong. I have seen many a owner think they could rebuild the engines, add more...
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    Looking for a machine shop near Metrowest

    Is it a 2.0, or 2.05 SI, they are different in just about every way so be sure when ordering parts. I have been working on Honda cars since the very beginning (in America) and headgaskets have been an issue especially in the early years. I have done hundreds of them, especially during the...
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    Headlight Advice

    Light pattern is the key for sure. I put a set of random LEDs in my Jetta and they were noticeably much brighter in the shop shining against the bench and just looking at them. I didn't even get out of the parking lot that evening before I noticed the difference. I drove home and back the...
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    fun fun

    I would rather have a used takeoff from the wrecking yard than any reman, excepting Bosch of course. That goes for repair parts for an existing alternator. real bosch or don't bother.
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    dumb anti theft radio

    No dealers within a two hour drive of here. If we need a radio code due to dead or disconnect of battery and no code, we get one online. They require the car VIN and the radio VIN and charge $20. It takes 24 hours usually and if it doesn't work they will try again after number confirmations...