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    For clarity’s sake, I sold the cable to you. Car went elsewhere.
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    TomSwift answered this. He really doesn’t need to change ownership unless he wants to upgrade the system for more VINs or get support from Ross-Tech. I never needed support from Ross-Tech as I just searched these forums.
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    Sold. I'll send you a DM to arrange details.
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    Thanks, TomSwift for the clarification and letting me cheat on your homework. I started feeling bad for seeming to cheat people out. That darned mid-western nice is hard to root out ;).
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    I was unaware of that charge. Thank you for bringing it up. I don't want to overcharge or rip anybody off (i.e., effectively make someone pay $200 for two VINs when they could pay $200 for three).
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    I recently sold my 2011 JSW. I changed jobs and moved. TDI no longer made sense. I'm trying to unload some of the extra maintenance stuff I have lying around. Unused (All purchased from Hengst Engine Air Filter ($10) Mann Biofunctional cabin air filter ($10) Used: IDParts DSG...
  7. Oil Pan Drain Plug

    Oil Pan Drain Plug

  8. VCDS


  9. Engine Air Filter

    Engine Air Filter

  10. Cabin Filter

    Cabin Filter

  11. DSG Tool Kit

    DSG Tool Kit

  12. DSG Tool Kit

    DSG Tool Kit

  13. Oil Filter wrench

    Oil Filter wrench

  14. Kit


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    WTB: VCDS 3.10 Can I sell my VCDS System to someone else?