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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $1.109 last fill here but paid $1.189 in SK today, 1.179 in MB last week.
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    used engine oil down the hatch?

    It is not something I would do without a LOT of thought and care. The filtration comments are spot on: 1 micron nominal does NOT give you 1 micron results, it means that 99% of particles 1 micron or more will be caught. That 1% could do your pump in. Another thing to consider: filtration...
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    Rotella T6 oil solids separation - safe to use?

    What usually occurs over time standing still is additive "dropout" as some is only in suspension, not fully dissolved. BUT: that is usually a little "dusty" sediment - this looks like something altogether different and slimey. Wouldn't use it and would take a careful look at what you already...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    I must apologize, I missed your post when it was fresh That is a very large topic (big ship joke, forgive me). Putting a cargo on the water is a very fuel-efficient way of moving stuff, but the real questions are "what are we moving' and "why are we moving it?". Container traffic, for the...
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    Maintaining Turbo Speed During Shifting?

    E turbos are not F1 tech, they are available for production cars (not yet aftermarket). Garret is in the lead, but every major turbo manufacturer either has in development or has available electrically assisted turbochargers - even for very, VERY large marine engines. There are also pure...
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    U.S. Comeback?

    The electric MOTOR has fewer parts than a poppet valve engine, but there are far simpler engine designs that don't use cylinder heads and have much lower parts count. What IS in an electric car that is far more complex is the battery charging and management systems, and the battery itself...
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    Fixing a barn find

    Some kits (the good ones) will include a water pump. Whatever you do, make sure you are getting a European/US/Mexican parts kit, NOT CHINESE GARBAGE!!!!!!. The water pump is a right proper b1tch to get at when all assembled, and the seals last not a bit longer than a belt and idler, so logical...
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    How long will you keep your MK4 TDI?

    Our MkIV wagon was the first ordered from Canada (long before there was even a price list) - should explain, we did not get wagons until '03 model year - so I placed order with local dealer winter of 01/02. Took delivery that summer. but since it has been one of several vehicles it has only...
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    Fixing a barn find

    Haynes are more like comic books than manuals. You could get a Bentley from Bentley but new ones have become rather pricey. Used ones should be widely available on craiglist, kijiji, ebay or...
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    Fixing a barn find

    to begin with, before you do much of ANYTHING, get a copy of the Bentley service manual. It is the VW factory information and will tell you most of what you need to know. Then, from some of the suppliers I think you will find here, get the correct VW terminals and crimping tool so you can...
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    Engine Replacement

    None of the driveability things you mention are related to crankshaft bearings. The hard starting at the end probably was. Very few mechanical things will set a code directly, but some of the symptoms could do so. I can guarantee you if you had that much difficulty cranking, there was indeed...
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    //// How hard is it to build a lithium battery and BMS system ? ////

    About the only other thing would be AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) that is also lead-acid. the other is wet flooded cell of lead-acid type,
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    //// How hard is it to build a lithium battery and BMS system ? ////

    I think I just learned more about LiFe batteries than I have ever realized I needed to know. Thanks.
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    Thermal Barrier Coatings

    "effective" is subjective conjecture. I need actual values for thermal co-efficient and preferrably some measurement data for piston temps before and after treating (that are way beyone DIY level to measure). One project I am working with has been making MMC pistons (FANTASTIC properties) but...
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    1.2 TDI for Aircraft

    Achates has had a 2.7 litre, 270 HP 3 cylinder running for several years - but in once again uber-porky automotive trim. Superior Air Parts had a genuine aviation 100 HP 3 cylinder mockup they showed in 2015 at S&F and Osh, but their own internal problems and lack of in-house engineering...