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    New B5.5 wagon with a problem

    Fuel filter......
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    Shake at idle

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    Transmission Rebuild Shops

    Thank you for the response - I reached out to vwtipz and sent him pictures of the pieces (of synchros we think....) I pulled out of the transmission drain hole after draining it. He converted my ride from auto to 5 speed sourced from Europe 210K miles ago. Turns out he had the same conclusion...
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    Transmission Rebuild Shops

    Did you ever find a shop? I am on the east side of Georgia - and I just pulled pieces of synchro out of the bottom of my transmission. I am hoping I can find a good shop to work on a FHN for a B5.5 - 5 speed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.....
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    B5.5 2.0 TDI timing chain or belt?

    it is a belt.....
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    anyone looking for b5.5 wagon parts?

    Is it too late? I need some body parts... PM sent
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    who is vwzips

    Vwztips is a really knowledgeable guy that does this for the love of it.... He converted my ride when my slushbox went out at 230K - and has done timing belts for me ever since. He just replaced my cam at 425K at my last timing belt change. If you have a car that he has converted, it was done...
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    Turbo Outlet hose question

    Don't forget to order the correct hose too.... This setup looks undersized for the air going through it. The original hose has a slight taper to it and metal ends on it that will seal correctly - with the correct clips. The top and bottom are different clip numbers. I can tell you that from...
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    Flat towing with my wagon.

    ^^ this is the best choice ^^ I second the vote for the use of a tow dolly...
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    The "What did you do to your B5 passat today" thread...

    Had my joy of the wagon renewed by vwztips. At 423K miles, it was time to get timing belt done when a coolant/oil leak parked the car (tandem pump). While in his care, it was determined that the cam was at the end of its life also. I figured it was a fluke that I had not had it changed yet...
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    Underboost nightmare

    Check for a boost leak. My first boost leak (a few years ago) came from the hose off the turbo with a hole worn in it by a poorly placed zip tie near by. I bit the bullet and paid just over $200 for a new hose. I am currently experiencing a leak somewhere - but have not had the time to pin...
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    Opinion poll: Sell or fix?

    I think it comes down to how much do you want / need this car vs. having a project around. Jeff helped me through the tough decisions years ago when I faced a fix or 5 speed swap. That was 150 K miles ago and a few smiles in between. I have 380K on the original motor (deleted) and the swap...
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    [power door lock

    I have the same issue - but with the passenger door. I have had it for years - the lock will work for a little while, then stick in either the open or closed position. I think that it is the actual mechanism in your case also.
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    trailer hitch

    According to ID Parts, it does fit the wagon.....
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    Highest mile bhw?

    I am currently running with 356,256 on the clock. Original engine, cam, and suspension. Vwztips did the 5 speed swap and a delete at 230K. I know I am not the highest, but I am interested to see where this thread ends up. Did I mention the oil drip?