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    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    Drove by the Chapin SC exit last week. So tempted To pull off and go see Dan.....
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    Q5 wheel help

    Hi. Need some expert eyes here. These wheels were on my car when I purchased it at 16k miles. It was a VW buyback car, out of NC. I had two bent wheels on my Q5. I bought a spare set, and decided to have the damaged wheels repaired and powder coated. When I received them back, I discovered...
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    5 speed swap ALH

    I have everything here for a 5 speed swap, EXCEPT for a good right CV axle and a clutch pedal. I will give you the bad axle if you wish it for a core. The pedal is broken and not repairable. $500 takes it all. Local pickup only. Versailles, Kentucky. I don’t receive private messages. E...
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    PSA: trunk struts great price

    Ran across these, wanted to share. I bought some for the shop, seem nice. Move quick, things here sell out fast. Based on the ASIN: Fits the following Audi A4 Years: 1996-2001 | Base Sedan Fits the...
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    Viking funeral

    Eric was T-boned in his 2001 Jetta in the spring, totaling the car. He purchased a 99.5 Jetta from a customer who upgraded his TDI. He moved all his performance stuff to the new car, and we even found him a RC3 ECU to complete the mods. Just put all new speakers in the car last weekend. His...
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    WTB: A5 BRM air inlet tube

    Jetaah to the rescue! Thanks Marty.
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    WTB: Mk4 slave cylinder

    Purchased. Thanks
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    FS: ALH engine, 80k miles. $1000

    sold. Thanks
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    01 Jetta ECU, RC3

    Sold, thanks
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    ECU for sale, 2001 Jetta

    Sold, thanks I have a chipped ECU for sale. 2001 Jetta. 038 906 012 BD. Rocket chip 3, immobilizer delete, EGR delete. Optimized for PP520 or equivalent nozzles. $250 chipped.
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    Miss Rachel

    My granddaughter, Ra, has kinda grown up with TDIClub. She made her debut as a toddler at an early IMPEXfest, and had dinner downtown with the bunch of us. Her first TDIFest was Philadelphia. She was our designated ticket drawer for the raffle. She has attended a bunch of TDIFests over the...
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    FS: 2003 Jetta Wagon GL Indigo Blue

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2003 Jetta GL Wagon, Indigo Blue, 146k miles This TDI was purchased new by Clay Peyton, a founding TDIClub member. He was the only owner and driver of this car. I purchased it today. Garaged when not in use. Black cloth interior 5 speed Alloy wheels 16 inch Conti tires NO...
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    WTB: BRM upper timing belt cover

    Need an upper timing belt cover for a BRM. Don’t ask, no clue where it went. :o I can do PayPal or send you a check. Your choice. Shipping to Versailles, KY. USPS preferred. Thanks, Bruce
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    WTB: skid plate for 05 New Beetle

    I prefer a panzer plate from dieselgeek, but will consider evolution. I have rivnuts. Prefer within easy driving distance of Lexington KY. Will consider shipping depending on price. I'm here infrequently. Email is best way to let me know. Bruce