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    WTB: ALH Golf or Jetta complete chassis

    Can you send them to the email at the bottom of my message? Thanks.
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    2004 bew jetta gls auto sedan, 5900.00 obo.Queens New York

    Has the camshaft/lifters been changed yet? what kind and brand of tune?
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    WTB: PS CV Joint Heatshield***Found!

    With no disrespect, just find a good, proper sized tin can and make one. Paint it with a good anti-corrosive coating. Will last years………
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    WTB: ALH Golf or Jetta complete chassis

    Tigray, thanks, couldn’t find it’s listing. still looking……..
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    WTB ALH engine for 2003 Golf Auto

    Sorry I missed this. I have a few here taking up space.
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    WTB: ALH Golf or Jetta complete chassis

    Once again, I have a wrecked TDI sitting at the home place. I need a complete Golf or Jetta ALH Chassis to transplant the motor and/or transmission into. I’m broken enough that I can’t chase and change a bunch of parts, therefore need a complete car. Nice/decent paint a plus. Please...
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    $4,500 for 2003 TDI Manual Trans Beetle for sale Houston, Texas

    Forum rules requires a posted price.
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    5 speed swap ALH

    Let me try for a weight tomorrow
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    5 speed swap ALH

    To the top....
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    5 speed swap ALH

    This tranny swap is still available. Previous deal fell thru. Ready for immediate installation. I MAY be able to ship via greyhound at your expense. Have to check weight of boxes.
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    For Sale 2 MK4 Golf GLS TDIs in Greenville, SC

    If you don’t take advantage of this offer, you’re a fool.......
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    Anyone still like to meet ? NC?

    Drove by the Chapin SC exit last week. So tempted To pull off and go see Dan.....
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    5 speed swap ALH

    To the top!
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    Q5 wheel help

    Thanks Brian. I have no experience with the spacers. A short pry bar with a 90 degree tapered end, a few taps with a brass mallet, and the spacer popped right off. There was a bit of aluminum corrosion holding them in place. Now to get the wheels rebalanced without the spacer.