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    Question new addition - 2003 wagon

    Had an old timer tell me to try naval jelly. Not sure how good it works, but I've seen it for sell at Walmart.
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    That's a good idea. I had a car seat strapped down that is a pain to move, but I'll definitely do that next time.
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    AHU TDI Stumble

    I had a similar issue with my BEW. It was throwing me for a loop because it was only stuttering during acceleration at around the same rpm. Turned out to be a loose/dirty connection on an injector. Here's link to the thread I made, hopefully it helps...
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    Mine were mated. Well, they still are. It looks like they were bolted at some point, but now I have new knuckles so.
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    Checked the fluid. I'm suspecting the light has to do with the fact that I'm missing two sensors. (I bought new knuckles with the bearings already installed). I didn't realize but the old sensors were held in with hopes and dreams, so I'll be making a trip to Home Depot to get some new bolts to...
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    So I finally got to it this weekend. Went ahead and replaced the front, and checked the rear. There was no play but the abs ring seemed to be a little off as I could hear it rubbing on the sensor. Replaced the rear as well and no more sound! I do have a flashing brake light now, but that can be...
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    Yeah that's what it's sounding like to me. I might try to see if I can put a load on it to see if I can get the noise while in a straight line.
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    I'm assuming you mean the axle nut. I'll re check those. Probably going to order new bearings for the rear as well if the front doesn't solve the problem. I thought it might be the tires since the noise started right when I got the used set, but rotating them didn't change the location of the...
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    I'll check the rear as well tomorrow and let y'all know.
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    I bought new bearings for both sides. Since it only howls when turning left I replaced the front right first. I'll replace the front left tomorrow. And Nero, I roted the tires front to back then left to right. No change in where or when the sound is coming from.
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    New wheel bearing, same sound.

    So I've been having a howling sound when turn left at speeds between 35-50mph. I assumed the sound was a wheel bearing and went ahead and replaced it, but the sound has not went away or changed at all. I also rotated the tires, but still no change. Is it possible that it's something else...
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    Please help

    Finally snapped a pic of my old clutch to show off. I was really surprised to see this because there was no slipping whatsoever. I bought the IDparts complete clutch conversion kit and picked the IDparts vr6 clutch. There has been no chatter at all after 700+ miles. Hopefully this thread...
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