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    WTB good shape 2009 highline golf

    im interrested :) 2009 and more, vancouver area
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    Looking for shop.manual

    Anyone know where to download worst case buy? Looking for an Audi manual for A3 2011 8P Thanks
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    2011 A3 replacement radio

    the question i had was has someone tried an aftermarket radio :)
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    2011 A3 replacement radio

    Your point being?
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    2011 A3 replacement radio

    it,s an sline with premium plus
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    2011 A3 replacement radio

    hello, i was looking for a replacement radio, the one i this car only does cell support wont play music from the phone thru bluetooth or allow usb... i was wondering if some people ever tried aftermaker radios ? i saw this one that seems to do lots of things...
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    tdi chipping options

    hello, i live in vancouver and have an A3 tdi 2011 bone stock. i was looking into having it chipped by malone thru dpf delete... i was wondering if this was the right way to go or if better options where available. comments appreciated :)
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    shop for maintenance in BC

    hello i moved in coquitlam latetely and bought an A3 2011... im surprised to see the dealer**** sells engine oil changes for 230$ and dsg oil changes for 650$ is it me thats misunderstanding something?? i was wondering if there where good shops with better prices to do work around here...
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    WTB MK6 golf or jetta

    low mileage & sunroof & standard vancouver area
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    Following questions asked in private: Is the title “clean”? (that is, not “salvage”, “rebuilt”, etc.?) YES can you give me the VIN? What’s the deal with the sunroof? (“no elect seal”…?) Is it a factory sunroof? THERE IS NO DEAL WITH THE SUNROOF, ITS OEM NO LEAK ELECTRIC WORKS FINE Power...
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    Oem 15 un mag, h&r 1 in drop Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    well block is craked from piston liner all the way to the water jacket. the only smart explanation is i had water in there and i was cold some nights it must have froze... aaaanyhow! chipping is 400$ injectors 200 turbo 1500 single mass 600 11mm fuel pump 500 take it the way you want i...
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    im guessing it does, i havent seen it its at the garage, changing a motor is easy i just dont have time, i dont have pictures, as i said ill contact the one that has the best offer or ill have a motor put in if theres no interesting offer ;)
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    tdi 2001 w/ turbo upgrade for sale

    btw, youre close to 5000km away in case you didnt know where bc is ;)