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    Strut Mount Replacement

    Not neccessary. It's possible to re & re both strut mounts & bearings without compressing the springs, done it many times. That's easier than swapping a couple of nuts and jacking up the car a couple of times ?!?
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    Strut Mount Replacement

    Right side is tighter but can also be done without using a spring compressor.
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    +25 offset on a 6.5 wheel

    I run 17x7.5" 32mm offset Audi TT wheels, no issues and I like the poke. 25mm offset should be OK, but 6.5" is too narrow for 215s, let alone 225s.
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    Stupid door Switch!! $3 Fix!!!

    Connect to the common and NC (normally closed) pins. Wire color doesn't matter.
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    How to replace your MkIV's front wheel bearings

    I spray paint the bolt heads before disassembly and put them back where they were - no alignment needed.
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    Car wont start

    No. If the glow plug light doesn't illuminate briefly when you turn on the ignition, the ECU is not getting power, which means no fuel will be injected.
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    How to replace your MkIV's front wheel bearings

    I guess getting the hub off is a lot easier if you let the bearing get *really* bad 😳 He shows hub removal using a BFH - but on a rear hub. Not even possible on the front, tone ring is in the way.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    I had a small radiator leak for 5 years, only leaked in winter when I parked after a highway run in outside temps well below freezing. One summer day it let go in a big way, but after refilling with water l was able to get home (200km) by running the system unpressurized.
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    Possible N75 problems

    If the N75 output test is smoothly cycling the turbo between no boost and full boost (against the stop), and there is no leak down from the full boost position, then the actual vacuum number doesn't really matter.
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    understanding the n75, actuator rod length, problems, tunes - VNT and wastegate

    I would expect % duty cycle to refer to the PWM waveform, which may not translate exactly to % of available vacuum.
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    Possible N75 problems

    You might try swapping N75s between vehicles. If one of them is not passing 100% of the available vacuum at 0% duty cycle in both cars, that N75 probably has internal contamination.
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    MK4 Power Steering Leaking from Hard Lines

    I grab them with a small pair of locking pliers and wiggle to break the rust bond, then pry with a screwdriver.
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    Possible N75 problems

    The difference in meter readings probably explains it. The ECU sends a PWM (pulse width modulated) signal to the N75, and you have one car where 0% duty cycle translates to 10.7v, but on the other 0% reads 11v. Different tunes maybe?
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    Possible N75 problems

    Sounds normal to me. Turbo should hit full boost at 18inHg, you've got headroom.
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    Fuse blown and interior lights, windows, trunk latch will not work

    When the insulation in the door jamb cracks it can allow wires to short together and blow fuses. Every time you open or close the door, you may or may not blow a fuse. Other strange things may or may not happen too ;) The same wire flexing issue can also occur between the body and trunk lid...