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    my attemp at remapping my 02 alh 1.9 tdi jetta

    You will be pleased to know the Internet in general does not have access to your local hard drive ;)
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    Tire Size

    Jack of all trades, master of none comes to mind.
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    Tire Size

    I run dedicated winter (not snow) tires because temperatures where I live are consistently below 7C (45F) in winter. Summer tires have considerably reduced grip at those temperatures, and I prefer to switch rather than run a compromise tire year round.
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    Tire Size

    My MK4 runs 15" in winter and 17" in summer. I haven't measured any difference in fuel economy, but that could be because smaller tires are compensating for winter blend fuel.
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    Malone or Kermit?

    Not necessarily, the tuner can fiddle with the readiness parameters to compensate.
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    Malone or Kermit?

    The ECU sets a number of "readiness monitors" if the emissions system parameters are within specifications. If any of the monitors listed on the report had been "not ready" the car would likely have failed inspection. BTW this is something you could check for yourself prior to taking it in if...
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    O2J noise

    You're suggesting a bad throwout bearing makes a noise when it's stationary (clutch not pressed) which goes away when it's spinning (clutch pressed) ? Sounds backwards to me.
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    VCDS VIN limit and ECU immobilizer are related like chalk and cheese 😳 VCDS cannot delete the immobilizer, if that's what you are trying to ask. You need a tuner for that.
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    Smarter than my cat :cool: Maybe the ECU was swapped as well and the VIN limit was reached.
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    VCDS Worthwhile?

    I disagree. Even if you don't do your own work, it's very useful for customizing the car to your liking and as a dealership BS detector. If the OP can read his own codes he can post them here and get knowledgeable and honest opinions as to the likely issue, putting him in a better position to...
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Took it on a road trip, 850km, mostly two lane twisties. I forgot how much fun they are compared to the boring divided highways I mostly drive.
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    Tire Rotation

    Some tires are directional (designed to turn in one direction) so would need to be removed from their rims to rotate them diagonally. Directional tires have a Rotation arrow on the sidewall.
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    Tire Rotation

    I label them in the spring and fall when I change tires and put them on the other end the following year. Both sets are directional.
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    Need Help with Leaking Glow Plug

    I have all 4 legs shorted together on my '03, otherwise it throws a CEL every time the engine is started warm (but never when cold or at full operating temperature). I check the plugs each fall when the winter tires go on.
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    clunking sound in steering rack

    Strut bearings?