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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    Well, you just changed my mind about the undercoating. I have been putting CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor on the underside and suspension components of my '03 Jetta since doing a full suspension rebuild a while ago and absolutely zero rust has shown up. I'll just keep doing that.
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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    Here is a link to the rockers I ordered from Mill Supply. I was going to order them from Raybuck but their shipping times are 2-3 weeks out right now. I am also acquiring everything I need for the repair to last a long time: weld-through primer, metal etching primer, seam sealer, rocker panel...
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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    THANK YOU! Those are the parts I have been searching all over for! I am ordering a set now.
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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    I called a local dealer just to see if they could give me the part number for what I'm trying to find, but they were extremely confused as well. I'm hoping someone here has an idea of what I'm talking about.
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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    $400 seems like a pretty good deal considering all of the labor involved.
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    Fixing rocker panel rust

    The rocker panels on my '03 Jetta wagon have gotten bad enough that I want to perform a proper repair on them; cut off the old ones and weld on new. I plan to keep my car for a while still so I want to purchase new steel and not cut off from an existing, might be rusting, car. The rocker...
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    Springs for MKIV Jetta Wagon

    I am in the process of replacing the struts on my '03 Jetta TDI Wagon and was planning on reusing the stock coil springs. Upon removing them, I found one of the fronts broken and the rest are looking pretty bad, so I've decided to replace them. Looking online and reading posts here, I haven't...
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    Koni FSD strut failure

    While driving to the store today, I heard a large clunk, a burning rubber smell started to fill the cabin and a cachunk-cachunk noise kept getting louder and louder. I pulled over to a side street as quickly and safely as possible and found this. Luckily, I wasn't too far from home. After...
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    MKIV Passat parts cheap

    I parted out a 2004 Passat W8 4motion and have some leftovers available. Want them out of my garage! Prices are for pick-up, will ship for extra. 2 front black leather seats with full power. Driver's side has 3 memory positions. No rips, cut or tears - SOLD 2 rear doors, complete with...
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    Wanted: Hatch for '03 Jetta Wagon

    The lower portion on my '03 Jetta wagon hatch is starting to rust something fierce. It's from the pinch welds on the sides of the hatch under the window corners that have cracked and slowly let water seep in over time. At this point, if I push too hard, I believe my finger will go right...
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    2005 Passat TDI 68k miles

    I own a grey 2005 Passat TDI GLS with just over 68k miles. Excellent condition, perfectly maintained, oil changed every year. Leather has no wear marks, not even the driver's seat. No rust, rock chips or scratches. Honestly, it is the best condition B5.5 Passat you will find anywhere. I was...
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    Compatibility of parts between Passat TDI and and W8

    I recently acquired a '05 Passat TDI that had been involved in a front end collision with the intent to fix it with a donor car with rear end damage. A '03 Passat W8 is available in my area and I am hesitant to purchase it not knowing if the cars are compatible. A quick look at a parts finch...
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    WTB MKIV Jetta Wagon Hatch/Liftgate

    After years of battling, rust has started to take over the rear hatch on my beloved '03 Jetta Wagon. I was lucky to have the two front quarter panels and rockers replaced under the rust warranty but I'm outta luck now. It's time for replacement. I am looking for the full assembly in black...
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    WTB: ALH upper intercooler pipe

    The upper intercooler pipe on my 03 Jetta Wagon blew off the intercooler hose while accelerating onto the highway today. The power steering pump pulley wore a hole into it and I now need a new one. Looking for a new upper pipe. $130 IDparts seems a bit steep. -Nik
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    WTB: b5.5 front crossmember

    I am in the process of fixing up a 2005 Passat TDI with front end damage and need a new front crossmember. I am located in the Twin Cities.