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    A4 Intake Manifold burn out cleaning question

    Don't burn it out. Hot tank it or use a power washer.
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    Has anyone replaced the plastic seat guides a4 jetta It's really straightforward. You'll have the seat out in 5 min.
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    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    All mine are gone but I still have the diesel W115. I'm still interested in a Mk2 TDI swap but I have more than enough incomplete projects at this point.
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    What Have I Done? (W116 content)

    To get to the top bolt you'll need 3' of extensions and a swivel (tape it so it has some rigidity). You'll go over the trans crossmember and up along the tunnel to the upper fastener. That socket drive feature is often and easily damaged, have a replacement on hand. Also be careful that...
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    Roller bearing parts found in oil

    If you've had a massive debris generating even like that the motor NEEDS to be torn down and every single oil passage cleaned. You can't slap new parts at it and expect it to live a long life.
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    Stripped Crank Allen Bolt

    Look up the William Turbo extraction sockets. They're a little expensive but by far the best extraction sockets on the market. I use them industrially nearly every day. They're much thinner wall than the Irwin or Craftsman options. Hammer it over the head and give it the beans. It's come right out.
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    How do slide the alternator out?

    Frank if those bolts are torque to yield they can't be reused for reasons that may not be so apparent those not in the fastener world. Trust me and the VW fastener engineers. Just buy the new bolts unless it's an emergency repair. I'm working on an in depth post explaining torque to yield and...
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    ALH turbocharger upgrade: which to choose

    PSI is a totally useless once you understand what you're discussing. Pressure is resistance to flow. Intake and exhaust are critical to any performance build. You need to be talking in mass airflow to select a turbocharger, not PSI.
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    Diesel purge

    ATF instead of diesel purge? You can't be serious....
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    First post, tranny question

    How did you determine the wheel bearings were ok? Can make the noise change by loading/unloading one side or the other while driving?
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    orange light came on after steep climb,load on

    I've dealt with intercooler blockage due to snow build up. I can not recommend doing it on purpose. I was seeing intake air temps well over 120F with ambient being around 25-32F.
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    Newbie, first post

    Before you go installing the new cover verify when the timing belt was done last. I'd hate to have your new car throw a belt for simple lack of maintence. As you're probably aware that results in catastrophic damage to the engine.
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    my old tdi value

    If it's clean $2700 is a very good price. If it's crusty I'd have a hard time paying over 1k. Michigan crusty is not the same as California crusty either.
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    '98 Bettle TDI oil recommendation

    Either Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck (often called TDT on the forum) or Rotella T6 (They unfortunately just changed the formulation) 5w40 but they're still great oils and available everywhere.
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    Winter Power Service Minimum

    This is the link you want At 1:400 PS say it drops the pour point to -70F "16-OUNCE (PART NO. 1016) At temperatures above 0°F., add entire contents (16 ounces) to 40 gallons of diesel fuel. When temperatures drop below 0°F. or...