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    2003 ALH wagon 5spd LINY

    Its a Kerma / Southbend concoction with a single mass FW. It was done when all the mods were done, at about 155k - I have no pics. There is no way stock would hold this, so there is no worry about it needing a clutch
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    2003 ALH wagon 5spd LINY

    It's sold, thanks
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    Can't find 14a connector 99.5

    I figured it out, i was looking for 14a... but because this is a 99.5 i needed connector 10
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    Can't find 14a connector 99.5

    I've searched and all I can find is people have issues with it. The Bentley says it's by the battery but I cannot find it. It is not near the ecu either. This is an early alh 99.5 Thanks!
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    2001 Wiring harness

    up, make offer
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    Audi B5 conversion

    No, I bailed on it when I realized I have 4 other projects that arent getting done
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    2001 Wiring harness

    2001 Wiring harness removed from an auto car. I pulled it myself. This is the complete harness for the car. The B pillars back have been cut out. Not like most would need that for a swap anyway. $200 Located in 11776 NY
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    Thinking about selling my spare motor

    Was going into a YJ, then an Audi, then TJ, then forget it... no time.
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    Thinking about selling my spare motor

    Motor sold Harness completely removed from 2001 auto car. $200 I am located in Long Island, NY Zip is 11776. I am 5 minutes from the Bridgeport, CT ferry.
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    The COTYbuilt (HPA) Wrangler kits

    I just decided there was too much profit to be tied up in the Wrangler not to replace motor with stock. I have 4 other project cars that I never get anywhere with so I decided to bail on this idea (once again)
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    Part throttle lugging

    When driving with a maybe 10-15% throttle input my car lugs / lopes pretty hard. I can fix it by pressing the clutch or just hitting the gas more the car has pp520 and RC3
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    My beloved Jetta is toast... What to do with the heart and soul?

    That is a eazy fix. It about $200 in used, exterior parts and all in prob about $500
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    Geo Metro diesel...

    Why wait for someone else?