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    WTB: MK5 Jetta memory seat/mirror set - Houston, TX

    I have a 2006.5 Jetta TDI and I am looking to buy the following items. 1. Driver memory seat; Matching passenger seat. (black) 2. Drivers and passenger side memory mirrors. 3. Door controllers for memory mirrors control. Full seat sets desired at the minimum and as a priority (I can't use...
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    Fun little quirk?

    My 2006.5 Jetta TDI (1.9L BRM) does something strange with the AC. The car is a 5-spd manual, and I notice something odd when driving the car in reverse. Shifting into reverse does nothing, but when DRIVING in reverse over even just a few MPH, the AC begins to blow probably 2x the volume...
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    Houston owners!

    Sound off, Houston TDI owners! Looking to coordinate and collaborate with TDI owners of varying model, year, and experience for get togethers that improve the well being and knowledge base of all owners in our region. Who've we got?
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    2014 Jetta tdi bluetooth

    I have a problem with my other car, 2014 Jetta TDI (not value edition). I've installed an aftermarket radio, turned off bluetooth in the factory head unit, and shut off bluetooth in vag-com. The vehicle still issues a bluetooth ID of "vw phone," which is a boobytrap since once you pair to this...
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    Highline cecm in 2006.5 Jetta TDI?

    Vag-com lists my cecm as a 3C0 937 049 Q 23 bit device. I read somewhere that most north american cecm for 2006+ models should be midline or lower, but this one is listed as highend on the list. Did I get lucky, or is this a known config for this kind of car? (I don't have fogs, seat memory, or...
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    2006 Jetta TDI overhead console shorting damage Hi guys, first post! I just bought my dream Jetta, but there are a few things that I need to fix. The first and most concerning thing would be a shorting noise I heard in the overhead console with the map lights. When I disassembled the overhead console I...