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    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    I would go into it eyes wide open. I wouldn't kick my old ones to the curb (I drive 100 miles a day, I NEED reliable, durable, and efficient). And I would probably do a delete at the first hint of issues (more than likely, as soon as I got it, to be honest). At the very least I'd do a...
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    Some of the tuners are doing "rollback" software UN-updates, back to pre-fix levels. That will help, but the DPF cracking issue was a problem before even with that. It is just worse now. Much worse. As is the intercooler icing problem. I honestly don't know how people can sleep at night...
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    door doesn't lock but sometimes it does

    There are two kinds of those cars. Ones with door latches that are bad, and ones with door latches that will be bad or have already been replaced. If by some miracle your car has made it 18 years with all four of its original latches working and functioning as new, count yourself very lucky...
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    Looking at a 2012 jetta sportwagon tdi

    Oh man.... That model does not have SCR, so no DEF. Common problems: DPF failure Turbocharger failure Vane sensor failure Intake manifold failure DPF pressure sensors EGR pressure sensors Intercooler icing (which can destroy the engine) Cylinder pressure sensors (part of the $150...
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    Vr6 knuckle, caliper, rotor on TDI MK4

    Yeah, the Golf and Jetta GLS with the AWP or AWW 1.8t engine option used the 288mm front brakes as standard* and had the 15" Avus wheels same as the other 4 cyl engines. *very early 1.8t cars still used the 280mm ones, but literally only for about a month of production, and only the weird AWD...
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    Limp mode help

    Ok, so there is a lot to unpack here. First, you have two unrelated (at least on the surface) problems. An engine control problem and a transmission control problem. Engine limp mode is reduced power. A cause of that could be lack of boost control, which you clearly have (the P0299, low...
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    VW T5.1 2.0 TDI 84 P0299 & P0101

    Boost leak somewhere. Smoke machines work great for finding these.
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    2013JSW Secondary oil leak

    The only thing there is the oil cooler.
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    2013 Jetta Sedan - No tail lights, Instrument panel lights, or front parking lights

    OBD works, start there. May have left something unplugged or a fuse left out. All the lighting goes through a solid state control module than communicates on the CAN bus and can be accessed via the DLC.
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    Vr6 knuckle, caliper, rotor on TDI MK4

    288mm brakes were used on many cars that left the factory with 15" wheels. I have those front brakes on one of my ALH cars, still using the stock 15" Avus wheels.
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    800 miles on one tank?

    I dunno, I bought a very used ALH car once from someone that decided it was not worth the cost to replace the timing belt the second time around. I did all its scheduled PM, drove it for a couple weeks to get it all dialed in before I sold it, and noticed it was slower to get up to temp than it...
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    State of Washington goes woke

    There seems to be a lot of them in that general area, that's for sure.
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    Replacing Auxiliary Fuel Pump

    Open the hood and look? The fitting that leaks is on the end towards the front of the car. A little nipple that screws into the pump body, with a washer under it...
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    Replacing Auxiliary Fuel Pump

    I would check to make sure it isn't just the fitting that is leaking. Some times they just need to be snugged down a bit. Also, Volkswagen only sells the whole pump assembly, which is both expensive and stupid. You can get a genuine aftermarket Bosch pump (just the pump) for much, much less...
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    State of Washington goes woke

    Every time you think nwdriver is butt hurt to the point of going away for good, he/she/they/it shows back up. Of course this thread title says it all. Like a moth to a flame. (or maybe to an LED, we don't want to upset anyone). I just want to know what all the new age granola hippies in my...