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    FS: 11mm pump

    Ditto :)
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    2001 tdi part out Philly area

    Is this an 01 or an 03? How many or stick? Where are you at in the LV?
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    FS: 1999.5 ALH MK4 parts

    Is the IP out of the car yet and are there pictures available?
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    Parting out feeler 2000 jetta

    Price for the IP?
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    FS: Starter with 64k miles, mk4

    Ahh..yes....that is certainly a required bit of information ;) Perhaps as or more important than my original question :)
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    FS: Starter with 64k miles, mk4 you know off the top of your head if the PD starter was changed from the ALH starter?
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    PA 2003 Wagon 148k miles

    Wow...I hate it when I don't get on here you mind me asking what the original asking price was Gero? That is a VERY nice ride...congratz Growler on picking this one up.
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    FS: My poor, abused 2005 Golf TDI, Denton, TX

    You could probably put me 2nd in line if noone is behind Lugnut
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    June 12th Pigfest FOOD THREAD..

    Ok...I'll be bringing along about 20lbs of "State Fair" marinated chicken thighs and drums....36 hours of soaking up that goodness should make mighty fine grill'n and eat'n. For Topher...I'll stop by the local beer distributor and see if they have a case of Steg porter on hand and bring that...
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    June 12th Pigfest FOOD THREAD..

    I'll have one available as well...though I'll be in Easton all next week (won't be able to drop it off to Jason during the week)...I don't know what time Joe plans on getting the coals going...or if he would have the *need* for 4 chimney's? I can bring it up on fest day. I'm guessing that by...
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    June 12th ny/nj/pa... Did you say PIGFEST? With ROCKETCHIP! and A BAND!! WooT!!

    Excellent.....let me know if I need to pickup a set of shoes. BTW...I'm by no means a good's just a nice relaxing way to pass the time and shoot Jason's avatar ;)