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    Confused about AC

    If it was completely drained / empty before, doesn't it need some PAG oil and a replacement drier as well? (Also AC ignorant, but trying to figure it out on my own car, too.)
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    Taking a look at a 2016 Golf TDI SEL what should I look at.

    Not sure which MIB is in the car you're looking at, but MIB-high (Discover Pro) has LOTS of things industrious home user can do, including updating maps.
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    Random Engine Hesitation

    I assume @Mike_04GolfTDI meant that it's had VW's Phase 1 and Phase 2 emissions fixes done to it.
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    Need a serpentine belt diagram, and any tips for replacing it

    Serpentine belt is not something that typically "blows up", particularly on a car that's only 7yrs old; replacement spec is...non-existent(?): "check ribbed belt" at every 40K miles is all the maintenance schedule says. Typically, it'd be replaced every timing belt change, which is 130K miles...
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    Taking a look at a 2016 Golf TDI SEL what should I look at.

    Yeah - of all the mods I've done on my car, ACC is the new "every car I own forever after will have this feature" for me.
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    What app for tracking fuel mileage and maintenance items?

    I just saw a new iOS app - Motorist - that actually looks pretty good, but then again, they all typically do out of the box. I get that developers want to get some return on their investment, and it's really not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of car ownership, but at $25/yr...
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    Random Engine Hesitation

    Ok - definitely staying tuned for this. As I read, I mentally was coming up with ideas to suggest, and then you'd knock it down in the next paragraph. Genuinely curious.
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    Missing tray

    That'd actually be a bigger concern for me - forget the cheap flimsy belly pan....meh, whatever. Probably find one off a wreck if I needed to. But if they keep that AllTrack pan that cost me $500+.....not gonna be happy. (Also, it'd never happen because I'm the only one who works on my cars. :D)
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    Missing tray

    Yeah - that's the one that would concern me. If you don't stock a VW filter, do you stock VW-spec oil? (Granted, the 507.00/504.00 is used on a LOT of the VW cars - pretty much anything that has a turbo in the last decade, so maybe they do have that, but with the CRUA TDI being a one-and-done...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Got a link for that battery cover? I asked at the dealer and when even the parts guy laughs at how expensive it is (over $100CAD) take a pass on that.
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    Need help getting radio code

    Doesn't need to be *the* VIN of the car that the radio came from, just *a* VIN. Used to be pretty easy, but chatting with the local VW techs, they can only get it now by going through VW's dealer internet portal. They actually need to connect to a car, run their diagnostics (assuming it's...
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    window switches on drivers door don't work; others okay

    Parking brake is another easy one (assuming the brake callipers are moving freely). $15 cable on each side. Remove centre armrest to gain access to the cable stops there. Remove the cables under the car. Replace with new. Button everything back up. Downpipe similarly is not overly complicated...
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    The connector itself will have numbers stamped or embossed on the connector housing itself. Somewhere.
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    ALH engine without injection pump, timing belt or flywheel- how to time while adding an 02M transmission, etc?

    Why not just remove the camshaft until you have the IP and transmission installed? That'd probably be what I'd do - totally removes the "valves getting in the way of the pistons" problem from the equation while you things apart.
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    2 Post Lift Question

    Of course, the force of it hitting the ground should it come off is going to increase exponentially, but like you said, 7" or 70" - the weight on the supporting system is the same. :D